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Lincoln Louis' all-natural birth story

To anyone who would listen I asked them to pray for me as my due date approached. I asked them to pray for an uncomplicated, all-natural labor and delivery, and a healthy baby.

MAY 16, 2012- Lincoln is HERE!!! 8lbs 10oz 21inches He's perfect!!!!!

Here is my birth story:

On the day before my due date I woke up at 3:15am to wetness between my thighs. I pulled the covers back and saw that I had soaked my boppy and the sheets. I jumped up and woke Tom. I said "I either just peed myself or my water just broke!" We called my OB and she said to come right up the the hospital. Since we were planning a natural birth we took our time. I took a shower while Tom finished packing our hospital bag. My mom and dad showed up and we all drove out to the hospital.

Checked into the hospital at 5:20am. 3cm dilated.

Since my water had broken my belly had been hard and tight with a constant mild cramp over the whole belly. I never felt a contraction (ever) until 7am that morning. As many others have said there isn't any way to explain what it feels like. It From 7am-9am they were mild and getting stronger. I eventually needed to let out a light "Whoooo" sound to get through each of them.

9AM- Contractions start to get intense and I need a lot of focus to get through them. The nurse came into give me a hep lock (hospital policy incase I need an emergency c-section) and I broke down in tears. I hate needles and I was planning on laboring in the shower. Heplocks can't get wet. My birth team (my mom and Tom) were able to get her to wait an hour or two (awesome!), so I got in the shower and Tom sprayed my belly with hot water (amazing!). We spent the next 3 hours moving from the bed to the shower and I was holding it together pretty well thanks to my birth team. My mom was A-MAZING being my biggest cheerleader, and Tom never left my side even for a second, dancing with me, kissing me, and softly telling me to breathe through it.

12PM-5cm Dilated. Contractions are coming on top of each other at about 1 minute apart. This amazes me because I never thought it would be like that. I thought I would get some kind of break in between. I wasn't expecting how fast they were coming and I stated as much probably 1,000 times. (poor Tom and mom). At this point things get a little out of control. I'm not gonna lie. It hurt. I was asking Tom and Mom to just "be quiet" and I was moaning loudly to get through each contraction.

12:30ish: I am now saying things like "YOU don't talk! I will talk!~ I can't do this!~ I may ask for the epidural!~ You have NO idea!~ I'm gonna lose it! ~ I'm gonna lose my mind ~ I'm so angry! ~ I want to cry but I can't because I'm so mad!"

1:35PM- I come flying out of the bathroom where I had been pacing like a crazy person and I yell "I NEED CHECKED OR I NEED DRUGS RIIIGHT NOWWW!!!!!" Mom ran to get the nurse who checked me at 8cm. I said "does that mean I'm going into transition?" and she said "honey, you've been in transition for the past hour." I was also told my OB was on her way and I almost cried tears of joy. The end was near!!!

1:55PM-Complete to push. OB is here and the nurses are breaking down the bed, getting everything ready for the delivery. I asked for the squat bar. I don't know why but I always intuitively knew that is how I would want to push. I started pushing with each contraction. OB was wonderful helping me to purposely push with each contraction. For the record, it did feel good to be "doing" something during the contractions, but pushing sucks! I kept asking "Is he out yet!???" It's all VERY blurry, but I know at one point I said "I'm done. I don't want to do this anymore. I'm done". I was defeated, exhausted. I twisted my body back like the exorcist and screamed like a banshee. I felt 3 strong taps on the inside of my knee. I looked up into OB's eyes and she said "Lyndsey, you need to FOCUS." So I sat back up, grabbed the bar, and pushed out my son. 2:12pm. His cry was so deep and throaty. They laid him on my chest to clean him while I looked into his eyes. I don't even have to say how overwhelming it felt. This rush of love hormones, adrenaline, and deep contentment as I held my son and looked up at Tom and lifted my arm to hold his hand and touch him. OB asked if he wanted to cut the cord but he shook his head. He was just too emotional. He just stood by my side while we talked back and forth about how amazing this little life is.

I had absolutely no stitches and no tears. I had one "skid mark" as OB called it. I said "so, like a 1st degree tear?" and she said "It's not even a tear; it's more like a scrape". I pushed for 17 minutes. Thank God labor knows no time.

After I delivered the placenta I started to bleed a "normal to upper" amount so they put a drug called Pitocin in my heplock to stop the bleeding and shrink my uterus. I also received a liquid form of Motrin in my heplock for pain management.

For the record, I wouldn't have changed a thing. My mom and Tom deserve A LOT of the credit of helping me through. My birth experience was better than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. I'm not going to lie to you, the pain was awful. I now affectionately refer to my time of transition and pushing as the "darkest hour of my life!" I'm looking for a laugh, of course, but there is more truth to that statement than I like to admit :)

I'll end with this. I could only do it med free by the Grace of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I give him ALL the credit, and I am so thankful he was faithful to me.

Thanks for reading. He has beautiful tan skin, dark blue eyes and tons of dark hair. OH, and he's perfect....

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Re: Lincoln Louis' all-natural birth story

  • Amazing story and thank you for your profession of faith.  I too feel that my faith in the Lord to lead me through all things,  helped me with my natural childbirth and will help me through again.

    BTW- Love the name Lincoln.  Congrats.

  • Sounds like you had a wonderful labor. Congratulations on your perfect baby! :)

    I am hoping to do a natural birth as well, this makes me think "I can do it too" :) Thank you so much! 

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  • What a beautiful birth story.  Congrats.  Oh and BTW, love the name Lincoln.  For next time, something to keep in mind, there is a cover that goes over the heplock called Aquaguard, it goes right over the heplock so you can get in shower and it won't hurt the heplock. I would ask for it in advance.  If that hospital doesn't have that particular thing a plastic bag taped with tape works well too.
  • I usually don't comment on the birth stories, just kinda smile and move on...


    Awesome story and God bless :):)

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  • Praise the Lord! Congrats on your little boy :) 

    I meditated on scripture leading up to my daughter's birth. I totally agree--couldn't have done it without His strength! 

           I am convinced that coffee is God's gift to mothers.

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