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good exercises after birth

What are some good exercises to do after I give birth.  Can I exercise while breastfeeding?  And when should I start exercising?

Re: good exercises after birth

  • *LrCg**LrCg* member
    I started walking a week after the birth (I had a natural birth and did not tear).  I felt great the day after but just gave my body a week to adjust.  I tried getting back into my workouts 4 weeks after but I noticed whenever I watched what I ate and exercised my supply would dip and personally for me, holding on to 10 lbs 6 weeks after the birth was not a big deal vs. having a dip in supply.  The entire time I BF it was like that-no matter if I ate more while exercising or not.  So I just didn't worry about it and when I was done BF the 10lbs literally came off in 2 weeks without diet or exercise chage.  
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