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First Birthday

Did anyone invite there x and his family to their LO's bday? I know my dad was always at mine, but my parents divorced on good terms (thankfully). If you did how did it go?
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Re: First Birthday

  • My LO isn't born yet, but I fully planned on inviting XBF and his family to the party. Whether he actually shows up or not is a totally different story.
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  • Since XH and I have joint custody, I am going to suggest we do separate birthdays. While him and I get along okay, my family and friends want nothing to do with him and I really do not want to be around his GF (a former friend of mine whom he had an affair with).

    In the future we may try the joint thing, but for his first birthday I think it might be best him and I do separate parties.

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  • As of right now we will always do joint birthday's for our boys. We have talked about it before and thats what we decided. Once the papers are actually filed and the CO is in place..who knows
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  • Ex and I are on good terms, and we get along with each others' families well.  I invited him and his family to our kids' parties until we both came to have significant others in our lives, who also have families that want to celebrate with our kids.  So now we do separate smaller parties but our kids are older (4 and 7) and they think it's the best thing ever to have two celebrations.

    For a First Birthday, I would definitely include him and his family if things are on good terms because the first cake smash (if you're doing that) is a one-time thing in my opinion.

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  • STBXH and I are working on being civil, Im not on great terms with his family but I invited him out for her birthday (he lives across the country) hes probably coming out the week before so he can spend more time with her. I think if you can its great. My family wont be thrilled that hes around but I want my daughter to know him and if hes willing to try im willing to support him. 
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  • My XH and I had only been separated for 3 months at DS' first birthday so we had a joint party. Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

    That day is what put the nail in the coffin for my decision in filing for divorce.



  • BD wanted to do a joint party (he even wanted it written into our CO that we HAD to do joint stuff on her birthday. laughable). Anyway as of right now, (my mind can change a lot in the next 3ish months) I don't plan to invite him to her first birthday party. When she gets old enough to want him there (or even maybe as soon as next year, then I'll definitely invite him), but for right now and considering it'll be one month after our final custody hearing, I think I just need a break from him. Selfish? who cares, she's not going to remember her first party any more than she remembered her first Christmas.
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