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Postpartum Depression

Is feeling dumb a big part of it?

Because I feel dumb and ashamed that I have ppd... I know I shouldn't but I just do.  The feeling is sort of consuming and it is frustrating.  I was doing ok before this whole milk allergy thing...but the problems with the bf and formula and then stopping bfing co ld turkey put me into a tailspin. I feel guilty and ashamed abou practically everything.  I knew having a 3 year old and twins wold be hard but I'm not dealing with it well at all. My 3 year old as seen me cry and I feel horrible about it (again with the guilt).  I'm on Wellbutrin....I hope it helps.  I may need to see a therapist....which I'm actually fine with.  

I also have help 3 days a week but the mornings and evening are still so hard and I know it won't get better for a long time....sorry about the typos I'm still getting used to this iPad.... 

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