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Thermometers, again

I know SK posted about this a few weeks back but now that I really need to get a new thermometer I can't remember what the responses were. 

I'm eyeing up two on Amazon and can't decide. It doesn't help that they both get good reviews and are about the same price. One is a infrared ear thermometer, the other is the Exergen temporal artery thermometer.  

Anyone have and experience with one of these or input? 

Usually DD starts running higher fevers in the middle of the night and the last thing I want to do is shove something up her butt. It's already hard enought to calm her down. 


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Re: Thermometers, again

  • The inner ear thermometer never worked for us.  Evie had so many ear infections that she started screaming when we'd get the thing anywhere near her ear.  So, I have a brand new one that has never actually been used!

    I just got the Vicks one that you hold behind the ear.  It has been great dur5ing this bout of illness.  I can take the kids' temps while they are asleep!

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  • The inner ear one never worked well for us. It always gave us sporadic readings and you HAD to have a cover on it or it wouldn't work, which became an issue when we ran out of covers and couldn't find them anywhere, therefore couldn't use it.
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  • I don't think I actually got any recs on my post, so I hope you do here!

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  • KaieneKaiene member
    I know you don't want a rectal one, but we have the red cross one, and it works really fast.
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