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Follow up to the ESY /stress post below

So I called the district today and she finally called me back--- and I didn't ask about switching but posed some questions and concerns--one being that he is in daycare and was concerned about when he would be able to eat lunch and then asked if they would have a snack.  At first she seemed unsure about snacktime but then was like 'well, pack a big snack'.  Gee, thanks lady.  That helps.  My kid eats a TON.  I doubt a snack at 1:45 in the afternoon is going to help him. 

Then I shared my concern about his behavior issues and was concerned about the transition of having to quickly give up naps (and obviously this behavior worsens when tired) -and mentioned how they are holding off officially putting OT in to his IEP until the fall to see what happens (yet they give him OT every single day in school)-and just asked that if within a couple weeks of the program, IF we and/or the teachers find that he's not handling the program well would there be any way that he could be switched at that time to mornings (kind of thinking ahead) and maybe hoping that she would be open to change....

She was very standoffish and was like absolutely not--- he'll need to get used to it.  Just really not nice at all.  I'm still beyond confused because this lady couldn't give me a clear answer on anything for this program or teacher.  For his "regular" schooling they at least had a quick orientation the day prior--- but they don't do that at this school---so that sucks.  Maybe I'd feel better. 

So still stressed and now even more mad.  Grrrrrr.  And now I'm sitting here crying at my desk at work because I'm just so fed up. 

Re: Follow up to the ESY /stress post below

  • That sounds horribly frustrating, this is a big transition and you need your questions answered and concerns addressed. I hope things get settled fast. So sorry they are making this so hard.  Good luck!
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