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Freaking Out!

Ok, so I had my A/S scan and everything looked great(SOOO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!).  The thing I'm freaking out about is that we were told that baby is a boy!  I already have 2 boys so I'm super excited to add another to the bunch especially since we know we're good at boys...LOL  So the part I'm freaking out about is...

From the very beginning of this pregnancy everything felt different.  Since my other 2 pregnancies were EXACTLY the same, I felt this might be a girl.  But I wasn't the only one.  Everyone kept telling me they felt it was a girl.  So after the ultrasound, all of the pink thoughts went away cause clearly we were told it was a boy!  I feel like I keep getting signs that perhaps the ultrasound was wrong!  Besides the fact that his "boy parts" look nothing like his brothers did at 20 weeks, our pediatrician today told me that by looking at me she would swear it's a girl.

 Since we know it's healthy, either way, I could care less what it comes out with or without...LOL  But I'm freaking out cause I want to know for sure!  Has anyone heard of an anatomy scan being wrong?  We're going to go for a 3D one next month, just to make sure! 

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    My cousin was told that she was having a little girl and it ended up being a boy... I guess there is always a 50/50 chance! You will know for sure when the baby is born. lol Buy some gender neutral clothes!
  • Will that be your last U/S?
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  • Your pediatrician can not tell a damn thing just by looking at you.  I hope she wasn't giving you that info as her official medical opinion. Confused

    Yes, ultrasounds can be wrong.  They will never tell you their guess is 100% accurate.  I would say you can probably feel a little better after your 3D u/s next month if they, also, tell you it's a boy.  GL

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  • No smurray, she wasn't giving me a medical opinion.  She has a close relationship with us and she was giving me just a friendly personal opinion.  I was just saying that by her saying that plus the slew of other people saying it as well, it's just not helping me not feel 100% about the results of my A/S.
  • yes they can be wrong -- it's rare these days, I think, after 20 wks, but possible.

    I'm sure you'll be able to tell on the 3D, though. 

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  • no Darlah, I don't think this will be my last U/S.  So I know I'll have reassurance soon :)  I just want to know, for 100 % already!  LOL
  • I know it's a boy...I just want to shake this feeling.  I know as soon as I have another ultrasound I'll be less worried they were wrong...LOL
  • I am so happy for you that baby is healthy! That's good news for sure.  I know its so hard to wait!!! Good luck sister!
  • Ultrasounds can be wrong, so definitely wait it out if you're having doubts.  


    That being said, when my SIL was pregnant with her 5th child, everything was different (she had 4 boys previously).  She carried different, her hair was different, she was breaking out, major m/s, heartburn galore, etc.  We all swore (as did she) that she was having a girl.  Nope, it was a boy.  Lol.  It was so weird how her first three pregnancies (set of twins and two singles) were exactly the same and this last one was sooooo different.  


    Glad to hear you and baby are doing well!  :) 

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