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4 year old boys and the boy parts obsession :)

Please tell me it is not just my  4yo that is obsessed with his boy parts. For the last 3 months he has been calling the goods his coconuts. This is due to a childs older brother telling him that is what they are called. Of course that boy spread the word through the class and now it's all about the coconuts. I have a 14yo as well and I don'r remember there being such a huge enficence on the coconuts. So is this normal or am I in trouble?

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Re: 4 year old boys and the boy parts obsession :)

  • rsd12rsd12 member
    Normal ; ) or at least in this house of three boys 6 and under. But, my 2.5 yr old is the most fascinated with his private parts and his hands. The older boys bring home all sorts of fun stuff from their friends. I also realize THAT my youngest will corrupt other boys in school someday too ; )
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  • Yep....DS's new thing is to stand up at the dinner table, pull his pants down and yell, "LOOK AT MY BIG BIG PENIS!"  I have no idea where he learned that from.  We certainly have never said that to him.  He did it once to my very conservative mom...she almost choked on her food.
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  • Well, my 3 yo is fascinated by his "parts" and has been pretty much since babyhood. That said, my DH is 30 and still somewhat fascinated by his own stuff. ::big eye roll:: OTOH, I have two younger brothers and don't ever remember either of them going through a stage like that.

    So I vote that it's a totally normal boy thing... Regardless of age.  :/ 

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  • Hope that it's normal b/c it's where we are at too!



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    I love these two beautiful children!
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