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Who has given up pop?

I have attempted many times to give it up.  I am a pepsi drinker who sometimes will drink 3 cans a day . I finally stopped buying it at the grocery store, so I no longer have it in the house, but am still ordering when I go to a restaurant, or when I visit family.  Just wondering if you gave up pop, what did you find to replace it with, just water? I Did you lose weight after quitting, and did you drink regular or diet? Thanks!
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Re: Who has given up pop?

  • I haven't had a significant amount of soda in about 20 years, lol. I'm really sensitive to caffeine and soda is just too sweet for me. DH loves soda, though. I finally got him to give it up and now he drinks sparkling water. If he wants some sweetness, he'll add some Mio liquid or a Crystal Lite packet to it. He now only has soda occasionally. I can't tell you whether he lost weight from that or not because he's also dieting and works out a ton!

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  • I gave up drinking soda about a year ago (when I started getting my health back on track a few months after LO was born). The only thing I drink now is water and juice (that I juice myself). I can not tell you the difference it made - almost immediately I felt less bloated and my skin got much healthier. I would also say that drinking a lot of water was a contributing factor to my weight loss. It was hard to deal with the lack of sweetness at first so I added Crystal Lite flavor packets to my water. They are low in calories and sugar but give water a little extra kick and flavor.

    Good luck - don't give up!

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  • I gave up soda when I was 13 and just replaced it with water.  Sometimes when we go out I'll order a lemonade if it's not just soda fountain minute maid.


    I will say, that I started drinking soda again when I was pregnant as an alcohol replacement, but now that I can drink again I've ditched the soda.

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    Good luck! I love Coke and stopped drinking regular during my last trimester but am drinking it again now. Let us know how it goes! Pregnancy Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker image image
  • I was an addict to Diet for many years until 5 years ago. I read an article about the sweeteners in diet specifically and how it can contribute to belly fat and/or loosing "the spare tire". I found it interesting and decided to just give it a shot. I haven't gone back, I've always been a fan of water so I just drank more of it. Now I would say that I have maybe 10 sodas a year and usually regular, with the real sugar. I've never been a big juice drinker so I mainly stick with water, milk and coffee. Oh and yes, I did loose the spare!
  • I gave it up years ago and would only drink water or milk.  DH and I got sick back in Januaryand had some Sprite, I've been drinking that lately. I probalby need to give it up too, but I only get it a few times a week from the gas station (but it's 44oz and n Sprite Zero available). 
  • I gave up soda shortly before starting infertility treatments.  I was drinking 4-5 coke zeroa a day.  I gave it up for two primary reasons - 1 you are not suppose to have a lot of caffeine when pregnant and #2 the sugar.  I have not lost much weight since stopping.
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  • forget to stay we bought a soda stream - so now I have bubbly water all the time.  On occasions I add the flavored water mix that goes w/ the soda stream.

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  • imagepantsarella:
    I haven't had a significant amount of soda in about 20 years, lol. I'm really sensitive to caffeine and soda is just too sweet for me.!

    This almost exactly except Im sensitive to carbonated drinks I just drink water all day.

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  • I dont necessarily want to give it up for good ... but I would love to limit it. I probably only have 1-2 20oz bottles per week, but I feel so ridiculously bloated afterwards, and sometimes even the next day. It's the bloat that makes me feel crappy, and that leads to more junk-eating.

    I would love to just drink one maybe every other week ... but I'd probably down a bunch of water afterwards. 

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