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Fathers day/mothers day question

Are these big days in your house?  Like does your dh/so buy you a really nice present and/or you do the same for dh/o on fathers day? 

Was this a tradition that you guys started on your own or was it a big deal with yours and/or dh/so parents?  

Im just curious.  When I was growing up. My dad bought flowers/candy and took her to dinner.  My mom had us make cards for dad and I don't want to think about what she may have done for him(eww gross)

But I have friends where the hubby buys nice necklace, pandora bracelet etc..,so they in turn buy dh a nice watch, kindle whatever.  

Im also curious if birthday, anniversaries and Xmas are just as big gifts?

Also im sorry if this post sounds like I'm judging you.  It's not meant to be.  If you have the money to spend and want to spend it by all means go for it.  Dh and I saved up this year and bought each other iPhones as our bday/mothers/fathers day gifts. 

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Re: Fathers day/mothers day question

  • mwdmwd member
    Two years ago DH bought me a automatic car starter for Mother's day/b-day, and because it was the only thing I requested. He got an air compressor, and a separate b-day gift. This year the budget is tighter, so I had my 2 watches fixed and flowers. Not sure what to get him for father's day. The gift really depends on if there is something we "need". 
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  • Hubby is hit-or-miss for Mother's Day and my birthday.  Sometimes he comes up with great ideas... some not so hot.

    This MD I got pretty flowers (which is rare for him) and we went out for dinner at Red Lobster.  My first Mothers Day he got me slippers.  Another holiday he got me a shawl of Llama wool made by a bunch of nuns  (his sis is a nun, too)   Um.. okay.

    I have a hard time coming up with good ideas for him.  He loves tech stuff, but is super picky so I usually don't get him anything like that.  I know he wants an IPad but I'm not going to try to find one of those for him.  His BD is in 2 weeks.  I think I'll get him a nice polo shirt from our favorite Irish Pub.  (Which we never go to anymore!)


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  • We don't really go nuts on Mother's Day/Father's Day.  DH usually gets me a spa gift certificate and I get him clothes.  For birthdays, we usually go out to dinner with a modest gift of some sort.  We've done some big gifts (trip to Napa and 46" flat screen tv), but those were for the big 4-0.
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  • jlw2505jlw2505 member
    DH and I typically do not do gifts for birthdays/Hanukkah.  We both have December birthdays and our anniversary is Feb 5th so a lot right together.  We try and do a nice date night for our birthdays and don't typically do anything for Hanukkah or we do something small.  We never do Valentine's Day and I typically get flowers from DH for our anniversary.  We try not to spend money and we put the money we would have spent on gifts into our vacation fund.  We are trying to go away just the 2 of us for each our of bigger anniversarys (every 5 years - went to Grand Cayman for #5 and just starting to talk about #10).  As far as Mom's Day and Dad's Day - our goal is to do something fun together as a family.  For me, MOm's day was huge growing up but Dad's Day was not as my Mom's father died when she was an infant and my parents divorced when I was 5.  We did get together we extended for a BBQ to be with my 2 uncles.  DH's family celebrated but they never had extended family near.  This year, DH got me some wine and the girls made me gifts.  We sometimes see his family on Mom's day although we prefer to celebrate with his family the weekend before or after so we can do what we want on Mom's day - same with Dad's day.,  I always make DH a photobook of pics of him and the girls from the year (older DD was born Father's Day weekend) and we do something fun and special of DH's choosing.  The kids will make him gifts and we will get him a small gift as well.
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  • For each other, we don't often do expensive gifts, it's not in the budget most of the time. DH usually ruins any good ideas I have by showing up with what I was going to buy or had already purchased. So we've been steering towards unusual gifts, not necessarily expensive, but something relevent to us. I got DH a Tardis tea mug with lid for his birthday, he was pretty stoked about it.
  • My guy is a SAHD, and I'm an educator, so we pretty much live paycheck to paycheck and don't go in for big presents because we can't afford them. We're doing our own remodel, so any extra money we have usually goes to that.

    For Mother's Day, he'll make breakfast for me, and this year I ran a race that weekend, and we went out for a margarita and nachos after the race.

    This year, I went a little overboard and got him several things for Father's Day (that all go together), but we'll probably count it as his birthday present, too. I'm a runner, and he wanted to get back into running, so I bought him running shoes, a Garmin (watch that tracks your miles and pace), and a jogging stroller for our DS so that it can be a family activity. 

    Last year, for Father's Day, I got him some clothes because he's the guitarist in a country band, and he needed Western shirts and a cowboy hat. 

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  • Pretty low key here - i got an cute, but v inexpensive etsy necklace and a lovely 8x10 picture frame and lunch out.  I'm getting him some gourmet soy sauce he loves and a goofy Doctor Who figure and we'll go out with my mom and brother for a steak dinner.  That's about what we did growing up too.  I send both mom's flowers and we took my mom out for dinner and brought his mom Cheesecake factory for breakfast (she's in a nursing home).


  • This year DH got me a new bike, nothing fancy, but I sold my old one, and we knew we'd use it.  I'm getting him a new Norelco electric razor, but we've both said that when DD is old enough to make gifts, we're going that route, or maybe a Daddy n me breakfast, cute picture, or something more personal from her.

    Anniversaries are usually dinner out.  Valentine's Day is always seafood cooked at home. Birthday's are usually nothing but putting money towards a trip that we never take (our birthdays are the same week), and getting our free Red Robin burger, etc.  Christmas is usually the most expensive and other minor holidays are low key.

  • I love to celebrate special days but not necessarily in a monetary sense. This year has been particularly difficult for us financially and now that we have our first little one, it's going to be even tighter. I do love gift giving and doing special things for the people that I love but we are not very materialistic. For example, Valentine's Day this year I made hubby homemade veggie sushi and ice cream sandwiches (two of his favorites) and he gave me every seed that I had circled in a gardening catalog which I loved (too bad a c-section has prevented me from doing any gardening yet). Mother's Day was just after our daughter arrived and hubby gave me two cards, one from him and one from our daughter. That's the stuff that I love. Of course, I would love to be able to replace one of his guitars that was stolen when our house was burglarized but can't afford it right now.

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