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No Cry Sleep Solution

My little guy just turned one and we are realllly wanting him to sleep a little better. He is wanting to nurse constantly through the night, and since I just found out I am pregnant I would like to cut down the nursing quite a bit.

Is there much of a difference between the No Cry Sleep Solution for babies vs. toddlers/preschoolers. Which one would you get?
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Re: No Cry Sleep Solution

  • Lurker here... My little guy is only 7 months old but we have been doing no cry. There is a section in the baby version for older babies. But there is a lot of stuff you have to skip over meant for 0-6 months. I love it!! Good luck!
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  • I LOVE this book, and my baby is only 2 months old.  It has helped us set up a bedtime routine that will follow her through toddlerhood.  She already sleeps in two 6 hour sessions, and I totally credit the wisdom of the bedtime routine.

    I definitely think your baby falls within the age range that No Cry is tailored for.  In fact a lot of her anecdotal mom quotes are from moms with 12-18 month olds.  There are two sections of the sleep suggestions part, like PP said.  One for 0-4 month olds (she calls the newborn section) and then one for 4mo+.  She does have some specific things to do with kids who understand more complex concepts as well.

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