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Whats your living situation?

I guess the answers would depend on where you are in your journey. Im just curious, how youre handling it, where you at, immediate goals and such. And are you finding time for you and maybe a little fun?

Im 6 months single, and living at home. Paying my bills but still getting support from my mom in the form of groceries and time. The goal is to be moved out in 3 years haha.. I live in San Diego its expensive. I get out once every other week after bedtime.

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Re: Whats your living situation?

  • yes, california is so expensive, i am from huntington beach. almost 2 years ago i left my job at disneyland and moved in with my aunt and uncle in utah, now i still live with them and i have a 4 month old baby girl.  my ex has never seen her and he is trying to work it out so he never does.  my aunt is an amazing help and watches my daughter for free while i'm at work or school.  i work two jobs and am finishing up a paralegal program which i have maintained full time since july, i will be in an internship in the next two months.  she is worth all my hard work and i am making sure i can support her and give her every opportunity.  good luck with all you are doing.
  • I moved home when I was 2 months pregnant and didnt know at the time. 2 years later Im still living at home with my parents and sisters. I go out a once every few months.
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  • At home with my Mom! I dont know what I would do without her. When I get CS I am able to save money so I hope I can have enough in the next year to move out. We have a great system and I know when we leave she'll be upset.
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  • At my parent's waiting for this little bugger to come out! Once he's out, I plan to look for a job in my field. It pays a lot better. I can't meet the physical reqs while preggers. DD and I are sharing a tiny room and bed, even though te brat has her own set up. Hoping a screaming newborn will change her mind, lol.
  • When I left my STBXH I had made the decision, packed up, and got fully moved out within 5 days- without telling him, it was easy as he works out of state. I had no where to go and couldn't afford my own place. I had no choice though, he had made threats against me and my unborn babies lives. I ended up moving to another state to live with my mom, step dad and little brother. I had a hard time with it at first since I hadn't really lived at home since I graduated high school. Now though, I love being in a nice peaceful environment with emotional support from my family. Plus being near my mom is the best thing ever while pregnant. I will share a bedroom with LO until I can get back on my feet and afford my own place- just a two bedroom apartment will be perfect until I can finish school and afford a house. I just gotta find a place that will allow me to have my mutt. I hope to be able to find a decent job, pay off a few bills, and get my own place by February.

    Financially I have had some pretty hard struggles since leaving. I stupidly put what little savings I had and what little money I was making at my then part time job into my STBXH's band account so I literally moved out of our house with no money to my name. I have since put my baby on medicaid to make sure that I don't get stuck paying full price for pediatric bills I would have no way to afford. I have been doing my dads bookwork for his small business as a way to pay bills and buy baby supplies.

    I have yet to get any kind of help with the baby from my STBXH and I'm just planning on it being that way. He supposed to be paying doctor bills, carry me on his insurance, pay child support once the baby is born as well as put him on insurance but so far the only thing hes "helped" with is to tell me to name the baby after him....

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  • I am living on my own with LO.  Luckily for me a family member owns the house so i dont have to pay actual rent, just utilities and all living expenses. this situation works best because I would probably be very stressed and bumping head with my father if I lived at home.  I hope to continue saving enough so that when the time comes i can afford a condo or small house.  I have a fulltime job and am the sole provider for LO.  My mom watches her for free most days and I only have to pay for daycare one day a week.  I am very lucky to be given this place to live and free childcare but eventually would like to be completely independant. 

    I do have a CS order in effect but he has not paid one dime so far.  I hope eventually ex will start paying so i will be able to save more for our future.  I have a great group of friends  and get out about once evey 2-3 weeks.  As far as dating goes I have not tried and am finding it very dificult to even meet someone.

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  • I am living with my mom at the moment. I filed for a divorce a month ago, but have moved out in feb. I am handling the situation the best I can. I do not go out. I will start work in about a week.
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  • I should of asked about dating... shows where that is on my radar :p


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  • I've been separated from STBXH for 10 months now and am living with my folks. Eventually LO and I will move out of my folks place and get a place of our own.
  • Four years ago when I first left ex, I moved into a 2-bed apartment around the corner from him so he could easily see the kids.  I lived there for a year and then bought my house where I live now with SO.

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  • I own the home that XH and I bought together. Since we were living on my salary when we were married, I actually had more money when he moved out.

    Right now I am working on redecorating do that I make the house "mine"

  • DS and I live in my home.  XH and I bought it in 2005 but we weren't married and his name was never on the deed, and we didn't get it changed over.  We were paying my grandmother as it was her house.  In 2010 I got the house refinanced and paid off my grandmother's estate.  It feels great to be paying towards a goal each month! 
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  • mom0716mom0716 member

    I moved in with my Step-mom, Dad, and 17 y/o sister when I was 12 weeks. BD is not involved and has not been involved sense the day we conceived. I am still not sure whether or not I should attempt to get CS from him. My parents would like me to finish as much school as possible before I move out. Right now my Stepmom and I get along well... But DS isn't here yet. 8 weeks to go. Hopefully we can get along just as well once he is here. 

    I would love to have my own place before DS is two. But not sure how long it will take me to finish school.


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  • gy86gy86 member

    I wasn't ever married to my baby's father.  We weren't cohabiting when I got pregnant, nor are we now.  I rent a 2-bedroom duplex and live there by myself with the baby and my dog.  The baby lives mostly at my house and has her own room, though she does stay at her dad's 2 weeknights per week.  He lives in an apartment complex not far from my work and our daughter just sleeps in a pack-n-play over there. 

    I work full time outside the home and support myself.  I'm lucky to have a stable job with good promotion potential in a field I find meaningful, so I'm not planning on leaving any time soon!  I've got my BA but wouldn't mind pursuing a graduate degree if I can find a good grant or scholarship program.  I'm currently debt-free and planning to keep it that way!

    I don't get formal child support from baby's dad though we do split the cost of her daycare, diapers, and other exclusively-baby expenses like doctor copays or baby food.  My parents live out of state and I do not rely on them for any kind of support. 

    I try not to let the baby slow me down, and tend to just take her with me when I go out.  I'm not really into the bar scene though, so babies aren't necessarily prohibited from the places I tend to frequent.  So far she's enjoyed live theatre productions, a vast array of restaurants, nature hikes, plane trips to visit friends and family, sat on my lap while my feet were getting pedicured, heh that sort of thing. 

    I have found that having an infant has been a fairly good filter for making friends and meeting others.  If they seem overly concerned with me finding a sitter or having to "deal with the baby," it's probably not the best match. 

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  • Me and little man have a place of our own. I just moved here from MD soo I am getting use to living in OH again. I am an hour from my family. I do not go out but would love too!! I am not dating but that hasn't really been on my mind. When I was pregnant I was living with my sister. I moved out (she was AWESOME by the way) when E turned a month old. It's hard and things are actually getting a little rough now that we have been in and out of the hospital, but I know I can do it.

  • This is my first time posting here but I lurk a lot!

    I moved home the day after my BFP to live with my mom, dad, and sister. Shortly after moving home my parents purchased two rental properties, one of which I currently occupy with my DD. I pay a very tiny amount as my "rent" each month and all of my utilities, although the rent is flexible depending on my financial situation around the first of each month. Since both of my parents work, I have to pay for full time day care every week. BD lives 5 hours away and is not involved. DD does not get any CS from him although I should probably file for her sake.

    I graduated a few weeks ago with my Bachelor's degree and landed a job in a town 1.5 hours south of my parents home. I am nervous and excited to be totally independent again but am taking comfort in the fact that my best friend lives in the same city so I am not totally alone. I will be renting a small two-bedroom apartment for DD and I.

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  • I rent a 3BR single family home for us and our dog.  It's nice to have our own yard, etc.  As for getting out, I get out (date nights) once a week and use college aged girls from their daycare as babysitters. 
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  • Loving all the responses and its so neat to see that Im not the only one living with my mom :)

    This post did inspire a conversation between my mom and I to have me moved out in 3 years (theres plenty of room for us here but I want to be a better area for when she starts school)

    Good luck everyone! 

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  • ldooldoo member
    My daughters and I just moved in with my mom, which is a mile away from our old house where STBXH lives. I hope to save enough money to move out in a couple of years.
  • My Xh and I had 2 houses when we split, one we bought as newlyweds, and the other we built and had just moved into.  After we split (I was pg at the time) I moved into the older house and remodeled it to try to make it mine.  Eventually I gave the house to my XH and bought my own house.  My son was 10 months old and my DD was 9 years old when we moved.  Almost 2 years later, the three of us still live there.  I haven't lived with my parents since I was 18 (I'm 38 now), and as much as I love them, I would never live with them again.

    And wow, I just realized it's been 20 years since I was 18, haha.  Indifferent

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