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Postpartum Depression

31 wks; when to start Celexa?

I stopped by normal dose of 40 mg celexa prior to TTC. Surprisingly, I have been fine throughout my pregnancy up until about 3 weeks ago ( just hit 31 weeks). I have had much more anxiety (mostly free floating... though work exacerbates it) and am looking forward to being back on Celexa. I'd like to wait until my LO is born but am not willing to forgo the meds for the sake of BFing. I'd like to BF if all works out..... When would you start back on Celexa? And, any experience or know of research on celexa and BFing?
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Re: 31 wks; when to start Celexa?

  • My dr put me on 20mg of celexa and said I could keep bf 
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    My dr put me on 20mg of celexa and said I could keep bf 

    I was on 30mg Celexa after I had my son, and while I had stopped BFing at that time (due to a host of reasons) I could have continued on it.  This time around, I don't have PPD, but I wanted to preemptively take Celexa anyway. I take 20 now and have been for about 4.5 weeks and I EBF my daughter, and all is well.   


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