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CPW: Money


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Re: CPW: Money

  • When I was working, my salary was higher. Now, I'm not working AND DH got a raise, so he makes more than me (both now, and his salary is higher than mine was, since his raise).
  • cmumamacmumama member
    When I got laid off, we were making right around the same amount.  Now I'm a SAHM, so he's the breadwinner.  If I was still working, he'd be making more me than me now.  He's working his tail off.
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  • We both made about the same throughout our relationship and marriage, but once LO comes, I'll turn into a SAHM and he'll become the breadwinner.  Right now he's finishing school, so most of our pay comes from Army and Veteran's educational benefits, but our health insurance is covered by my National Guard job.  He graduates beginning of June, and I'll be done with the National Guard 5 months after LO is due.  Hopefully between June and January he can find a job with great insurance or we'll be paying out of pocket after that. 
  • I make about $200 more, I'm salary, DH is hourly, but when he works overtime, he sometimes brings home more...

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  • I voted "me- girl power!"

    Truth be told, though, it's more like "me- *sigh*"

    Don't get me wrong; I'm grateful to have a job that I like that pays a livable wage, especially since DH is transitioning careers.  But I feel an intense amount of pressure financially since I already pay for most of our bills, and will take on even more when he quits his job in January to go to school full-time.

  • I'm a SAHM mom so obviously DH makes the dough. But even when I was working, the job market was not friendly to me. I spent a lot of time laidoff so DH has pretty much been my sugardaddy since we said I do.
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  • hmp1hmp1 member
    Our base salaries are pretty close (he is $5k more) but I just get a yearly one time bonus and he gets a quarterly bonus plus an end of the year bonus. His bonuses are more than mine so he wins.

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  • Since I'm more than double DH's salary - he constantly calls me his sugar-mama (I love that he doesn't care that I make more)  He makes a great salary too, I've just been very lucky in my career path.

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  • If you just look at base pay, I make more. But with the military, you get BAH and dependent pay, plus we don't pay for health at the end of the day, H makes more.

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  • Manx4Manx4 member
    For now - we make the same.  At the end of this year, he'll surpass me. 
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  • I am the one who works. We decided that one of us would always stay home with the kids. I don't have a problem with daycares, but since we are comfortable with money, we don't see a reason for both of us to have jobs. We joke around all the time, and he introduces himself to people as my "house wife." lol
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  • I used to make more... then DH got a new job and made more than me, and then I lost my job so now he really makes more than me haha
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    Diagnosis: PCOS, irregular cycles, old lady eggs. DH is fine.
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    HSG scheduled for Oct. 30 - Tubes all clear
    December: Round one of Femara  - BFN
    Round two - ? 


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  • Am I the only one who read the poll and now wishes I had a Sugar Daddy candy (caramel on a stick)? Do they even still make those? I know you can still get Sugar Babies. Yum!


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  • i make a little more... until september, where, even if i didn't got on leave, i'd get a pay cut of about half (ah, grad school funding). i guess i shouldn't complain: it's nice to get paid tax-free.



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  • Regular salary I make a little more, but DH is a firefighter, so between overtime and details, he makes a lot more.


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