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finally here

hello week 8! i have finally made it here. i found out at 4 weeks that i was pregnant and have been terrifed of something happening. im now 2/3 of the way done with the first trimester!
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    Me too! The few people I told were stunned I knew so early!
  • I'm a little more than 8 weeks also and have some of the same anxieties.  I found out when I was 4 weeks and my Dr. sent me home when I scheduled my first appointment because she said it was too early to really see anything.  I was disappointed to say the least.  I of course expect nothing but the best to happen, however, I do have to say that waiting each month for my next Dr's appointment is nerve wracking! 
  • Exactly how I am feeling.  I found at at four weeks as well. I actually gained my incite via my husband, who looked at me at said, "Hey, weren't you supposed to start your period yesterday?" I am simply dying to go in and catch my first glimpse at my little mystery. It amazes me how something so small can make you so sick!!!
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    I'm in week 8 and found out at week 4 as well!  What sucks about learning you're pregnant so early is how slow it takes for this first trimester to be done!  For me, it's been pretty miserable so far.  I've gone from mountain biking and burning about 1000 calories 3-4 times per week to sitting on the couch and doing nothing and eating chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese.  My dog is super pissed at me because I don't have the energy to take her on the hikes that she expects every week.  My husband (poor guy) is doing all the house work and waiting on me hand and foot.  Not only am I mourning all the good beer I won't be drinking, I'm mourning the life as I knew it.  It's hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel at this point, but I know it's there.  Anyone else experiencing this sadness?


    Yes, I'm sad and tired!!! My husband is overseas and wont be home until the beginning of next month and I'm totally and utterly exhausted!! I don't want to do anything and walking up the steps to our bedroom has become torture! I'm so used to running up and down the stairs getting snacks and washing clothes and now I'm have to push myself up the stairs and once I'm there I don't go back down....sad I know!! But were pregnant and I'm loving it!!

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    Enjoy life, smile alot, and always be positive!
  • I thought I was finally here but went in for my first appt -- thought i was 8 weeks 2 days according to when i had my last period...but they said the baby measures 7 weeks 4 days!  Oh man, I have to wait 5 days longer to tell people than I was originally planning! Bummer!! Oh well, got to see the heartbeat! So COOL!!
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  • Same here. also 8 weeks along. was terrified something would go wrong, but i'm

    so happy everything is going well so far. good luck to you

  • I found out very early as well & have been a nervous wreck!! (though I've become a bit calmer as the weeks go by). But I can empathize for sure!!


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  • I too, found out at week 4 and the next day, I had a "Brew Fest" (all the beer any beer fan could hope for, in one place!) and obviously couldnt drink.

    I am now 8w4d and I wish this trimester would just hurry along.  We are telling the family on Thanksgiving (the day after our first ultrasound) which will put me at nearly 12 weeks.  It's been torturous, not being able to tell everyone and their mother.  I've definitely told more people than I should have, but the way I figure it, if something God forbid, were to happen, most of these people are the same people I would go to for comfort.

    I'm definitely not as anxious as I was when I first found out.. For whatever reason, I just know that this is it... this is my child.  If something does happen, I will cross that bridge if need be, but I am not even entertaining that spirit.

  • Im 8w today an found out at 4w as we had been trying for a couple of years an i was charting! Its been a long 4w an will b another long 4 before my first ultrs appontment!!
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