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What to wear during labor/delivery?

I'm trying to decide if I should buy something to wear during labor and delivery or just wear a hospital gown. It seems dumb to buy something that is just going to get ruined, but maybe I won't like the hospital gowns. I am going to bring a sports bra and yoga-type pants and t-shirt, but I know something that is open at the bottom will be needed at some point. STMs, what are you planning on?
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Re: What to wear during labor/delivery?

  • Danaz1Danaz1 member
    i wore hospital gown and my sport bra.  I think its silly to get something just to ruin it. 
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  • I just wore the gown.  LOL after all, it will seem like there isn't a person in that hospital who hasn't seen you naked and/or squeezed your breasts by the time you leave.  Modesty and caring about being dressed up (or dressed at all) kinda flies out the window pretty quick.
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  • I just wore the hospital gown last time and will do the same thing this time. They'll give you two gowns so that you can put one on the right way (open in back) and another one to put on like a robe, so that it covers up the butt.

    I'll take some loose lounge pants and nursing tanks for after I'm able to get my first shower. A nursing gown or some other kind of lounging dress/gown is another good idea for comfort and function (because the nurses come in and check your nether regions quite often to see how your bleeding is progressing and stuff). 

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  • Hospital gown for me. It's free and once I'm done with it then it's for someone else to deal with. Honestly, the first time around nothing in the world could have moved me to care about what I was wearing.
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  • OUKatieOUKatie member

    I spend money on the dumbestshitever and I'm going to deliver in a hospital gown.

    Pajama pants make zero practical sense to me unless you are just wanting to wear them while walking around the hospital during labor, but I generally hate to wear pajama pants in bed so I'm biased Stick out tongue.


  • The hospital will give you a gown and mesh panties. You'll want to stay in those for the time u r there. It's not worth getting yucky stuff on your regular clothes. And especially buying something new.
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  • Rink08Rink08 member
    I'll wear the hospital gown with a sports bra under it so that I can take the gown off if desired. I had terrible hot flashes and just wanted to strip during my last two labors. 
  • elamplelampl member
    this may be a dumb question but why do you have to wait until the day after to shower? 

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  • imagekellybellybean:
    I was buckassnekkid for the majority of my labor and delivery.  I didn't anticipate it working out that way, but that's what happened, mainly because I was in and out of the tub the whole time.  I can't imagine spending money to buy something to wear during L/D.

    This was me, except I was in the shower, not the tub.  I think they threw a gown on me when I was pushing, but I don't remember!  I wore the hospital gown a lot for the first day b/c it was easy for breastfeeding (it was a nursing gown).  At some point, I switched into a t-shirt and yoga pants that I brought from home.   

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