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when did RE take you off progesterone? I stopped at 11 weeks

Hi everyone.  I have been on progesterone since my IUI on 3/10/2012.  I took suppositories twice a day from 3/10 until 4/19.  I had emergency surgery to fix a twisted ovary and the doc put me on shots once a day from 4/19 to 4/26.  I was on shots every other day from 4/27-5/10.  I am now exactly 11 weeks.  My RE says it is safe to quit now since the placenta has taken over progesterone production and says that every woman has concerns when going off progresterone.  I am nervous about but my doctor is very reputable and is excellent in her field, so I guess i need to trust her.  When did you go off progesterone?
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Re: when did RE take you off progesterone? I stopped at 11 weeks

  • At 10 weeks I skipped a morning shot and then did blood work, my bosy wasn't quite making enough, so I did the same at 11 weeks, blood work was fine, and was given the go ahead to stop then.

    Worked well for me.

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  • I went off at 61/2 weeks but I had 3 helpers on the progesterone department.  Everything was fine after that and I sure didn't miss those shots!
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  • I went off progesterone after 11-12 weeks with both pregnancies. I think it is normal to stop even earlier with ivf - more like 8-9 weeks but my doc gave me a few extra weeks (i was super worried after my miscarriage andI thought it might help prevent bleeding but it didn't). I ended up with an sch both times and I guess the extra progesterone didn't help. I think it is fine to stop at 11-12 weeks like your doctor said but it might be better to wean slowly for a few days than to stop cold turkey (like cut the dose in half for a few days and then stop).
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  • I know I am just worrying about nothing.  My husband thinks we should trust the doctor and do what she says.  The nurses told me they wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't safe for the baby.  My progesterone two weeks ago was 41 and is 42 (as of two days ago).  The nurse also mentioned that the level they are testing is skewed b/c of the injections and that the baby is internally getting progesterone from the placenta. (if i understood her correctly).


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  • I believe he stopped me at 14 weeks.

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  • I was using twice a day suppositories with DS2.  I think that 12 weeks was around the time I weaned off of them.  I first I dropped down to once a day.  It was SUCH a relief to be finished with those messy little effers! :)
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  • DrRxDrRx member
    I stopped the PIO shots at the end of my 10th week of pregnancy.
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  • I was taken off at 7 weeks. My levels were pretty high so there was no need for more support.
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  • I went off at 9 weeks with my daughter and 12 weeks with my son (had a SCH and bleeding from 9-10 weeks, so they kept me on it longer for peace of mind).    You will be fine!
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  • Ali212Ali212 member
    I went off around 12 weeks but my RE had told me I was fine to stop at 10 weeks.  I just decided to use up the rest of my PIO rather than throwing it away so it lasted an extra 2 weeks.
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  • MAK06MAK06 member
    I believe around 8-9 weeks last time!  I was nervous too but you'll do fine!


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  • Thanks ladies!  I needed someone to tell me that it will be ok!

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  • My last pregnancy, at 8 weeks.  This time it's a different RE and I'm not sure when they will tell me to stop it (I'm only 6 weeks now). 
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  • My RE took me off all hormonal support at 10 weeks with DS. I remember being a nervous wreck. Try not to worry! Your RE knows best. 

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  • Normally my RE has people stop at 11 weeks, but since I had a lot of bleeding from a subchorionic hematoma, they kept me on it through 13 weeks.  It probably didn't help improve anything at that point, but it didn't hurt either.

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  • To be safe, with my history, I stayed on until 13w and started IM progesterone at 16w (now called Makena) through 35w.
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  • 11 weeks for me too.
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  • When pregnant with DS they had me wean at 12 weeks.  With this pregnancy, RE checked my progesterone at 6.5 weeks and it was 200+ so he determined I didn't need the extra support and had me stop the suppositories.
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  • I believe that I was taken off progesterone at 12 weeks. My doctor gave me one extra week just to be sure that the placenta had taken over.

    I was so nervous to stop, but he was right...I went on to have a successful, normal pregnancy! Hang in there!

    After 2 years of TTC, our daughter was born on Oct 31, 2011!
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  • My RE was going to start having me wean off the PIO shots using a progesterone suppository at 9 weeks... but that's when I miscarried. He said that's the goal again this time. I won't miss them, already counting the days, lol.
    Failed IUI May 2010. Successful IVF w/ DE May 2011, miscarriage July 2011. Failed IVF w/ DE FET Nov 2011. Failed IVF w/ DE Feb 2012. Successful IVF w/ DE Apr 2012, EDD Jan 9, 2013 DD born Dec 18, 2012
  • I went right to 12 weeks

    Dx: PCOS, Anovulation, RPL
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  • My reproductive Dr told me to quit my progesterone at the end of 10 weeks. So he released me back to my OB/GYN I was so nervous to quit because I have had 4 miscarriages before but the Dr. instilled in me everything would be fine and he believe that this is a normal pregnancy, that all my levels were great and we have heard the heartbeat every week since we found out and it was up at 167 last week. I go from seeing the Dr every week to now two weeks. I hope it works out for you and for me as well. I just ended the progesterone on Thursday and felt like crap all weekend so I think it is my body going to normal or as normal as it can be with being pregnant.
  • I went a long time with DS - like 13 weeks or so, I think.
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  • I stopped PIO and Estrace at 10w. I never did any bloodwork to test progesterone after the first beta. Congrats!!
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