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Question for runners

If you run first thing in the morning after rolling out of bed do you eat or drink anything before your run?

p.s. I'm a relative beginner so have only worked myself up to 3-4 miles per run at 11/12 minute miles.


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Re: Question for runners

  • It really depends on how far I'm going.  If it's anything under 5 miles, I tend to just drink water before I run.  If it's more than that, I will eat a little something and also drink water.  (This is when I'm not pregnant -- when I'm pregnant, I tend to eat something before I run in the morning, even if it's just a bite of a banana or something.) 
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  • I usually get nauseated if I eat or drink as soon as I wake up, but I've learned I need eat something small and drink water, I end up feeling really sick the rest of the day. Definitely at least drink some water or gatorade so that you don't get dehydrated. You don't take in any liquid during the night while you sleep, but your body is still using what it has, so you have to replenish it. 

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  • litzo27litzo27 member

    Thanks ladies. Silly question - but how much to drink (again, before a short under 5 mile run)?

    Last week I had a full 8 oz glass of water before 3 miles and felt it "swishing" around. Kinda uncomfortable. 

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  • I actually don't usually drink anything because of that "swishing" feeling. I had a small coffee on the way to a 5K last weekend, and made sure to go to the bathroom right before the 5K, and I was okay. I chew gum when I'm running, so my mouth doesn't feel dry. That being said, it's still in the 30s when I get up to run in the morning, and my longest runs are 5 miles so far. When it's warmer, I'm sure I'll need to drink something.

    I've heard that a hard-boiled egg before longer runs is good.

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  • I didn't used to, but especially being PG I def would.  have a glass or water and a granola bar or banana or something. 
  • It depends.  I personally don't like to run before I've eaten anything, but I know some people do. 

    If your run is short, ie. 20-30 minutes, you should be okay to do this on an empty stomach.  If you are doing longer runs, it's better to eat something first.  It's always advisable to have some water in your system too!

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  • marym94marym94 member

    Being pregnant I have to eat first... I usually have 2 eggs with hi protein tortillas.. Or cottage cheese with kashi 


    And a half caff coffee too :) 

  • I would eat something small like a banana and have a small glass of water.
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  • Everyone is different, but I usually would run on a totally empty stomach first thing in the morning (no water or food). My runs, though, were only 3 miles (about 25 minutes).
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