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39 weeks and not dialated at all - 2nd time moms

So went to my 39 week appointment yesterday and found out I'm not dialated at all yet.  No worries on baby's health - heartbeat, movement & measurements are all good.  Ideally I'd prefer not to be induced (but I recognize that I don't have any control over when he decides to make an appearance).  However if he doesn't make an appearance by my 40 week appointment - they will check my cervix again and also do an ultrasound to make sure the fluid/placenta are still at the right levels and functioning well.  If they are fine - they will wait until almost 41 weeks to induce, but if not they will induce the next day. 

 So - my question is - any 2nd time moms out there that were not dialated at all at 39 weeks and still went into labor without induction before 40 - 41 weeks?

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Re: 39 weeks and not dialated at all - 2nd time moms

  • I went into labor at 39 weeks  5 days with my water breaking the first time around.   Since it broke right before a doctor's appointment, my doctor checked me to see if I could go home first.   At that point I was totally closed up.   20 hours after my water broke, DS was born.   I did end up with an hour and half of pitocin due to my water being broken for 17 hours but I'm sure I would have had him before the 24 hour mark even without the pitocin.
  • Nope? no dilatation or effacement.  At 41 weeks and two days they did a Foley bulb induction that got me to three.  Everything stopped and at 5 am they started a medical induction with pitocin.  I had DD by at 7:59 that night. Did not need a C. My OB jokes that if DD had her way she would still be in there.

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  • lily225lily225 member
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    I think I was a fingertip dilated at my 39w appt. with DD2. Pretty disappointing at the time since I had already been 3cm at that point with DD1.

    At my 40w appt., though, I was 2cm and he was able to strip my membranes which sent me into labor within an hour.

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  • hmdhmd member
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    I was not, and I started having contractions the night after my due date and had little one around noon the next day.
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  • The first time I was not dilated at all at my 39 week checkup, went in to labor on my own the day before the due date and my son was born on his due date.

    The second time I was a fingertip dilated at 39 weeks and I went in to labor 3 days before the due date and he was born 8 hours later.

    I had my 38 week checkup last Friday and again was completely closed. We'll see tomorrow about at this point I'm not putting much stock in it anyway!

    Good luck!

  • I had NO progress at my 40 week appt, I was so discouraged. I was due to be induced at 40w5days, and my water broke at 40w4days and DD was born at 40w5days. Thank goodness I didn't have to be induced! There is hope.

     Even if you did have progress at this point, you could still go past your EDD. It really doesn't mean anything either way.

    GL and hang in there!

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