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zoloft and getting pregnant

Hi Ladies,

I am new here and I have checked previous posts and I do see a lot of zoloft posts but mainly they are about how it affects the baby while breastfeeding.

I had my baby almost 13 months ago and started to feel severely anxious while driving (of all things to be anxious about). I am barely able to drive to work or even to the grocery store sometimes. I get in the car and sometimes have panic attacks. Most of the time I am able to get through my panic, but on occasion not.

Well anyway, I talked to my ob/gyn and discussed my anxiety with her and she prescribed zoloft for me. I am very hesitant to start taking it because my husband and I would like to start TTC in July. With my first pregnancy I didn't drink any caffeine or eat deli meat. I was very careful as to what I ate. I am very nervous to be taking something like zoloft during pregnancy.

 Did anybody take zoloft while pregnant? I did talk to my doctor and she tried to assure me that it is ok, but I am almost wondering if I should just wait until after the baby is born and just tough it out like I have been for most of the year. Because once I start taking it, I am not going to be able to just quit taking it once I find out that I am pregnant.

My doctor did refer me to a counselor which I am going to call tomorrow to set up an appointment. I am sure seeing somebody will help too.



Re: zoloft and getting pregnant

  • kdjuddkdjudd member
    I'm currently taking 50mg of Zoloft for depression and anxiety. The risks are small, but the benefits for me and the baby are HUGE! It's a really personal decision. You should see a therapist to discuss the pros and cons. It's a case by case decision. Just remember that mental health is just as important as physical health during pregnancy! Good luck! 
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  • I took 50 mg Zoloft until 18 weeks, and then weaned off completely by 20 weeks.  I've felt OK until this past week, where I had an anxiety attack.

    I made the decision jointly with the psychiatrist and OB.  They both told me that they have patients that continue on it the whole time.  I figured since it was only 50 mg, I could probably handle things, but I'm looking forward to getting back on it as soon as I have my little guy.  GL.

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