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Conflicting feelings about weaning, anyone?

My youngest is 14 months old. My oldest self-weaned at 15 months but she was only nursing maybe twice a day and I think she weaned because I was pregnant (I think my milk dried up.)

This baby has always been an avid nurser and doesn't take a paci. I night-weaned a couple months ago but she still nurses several times a day.

I don't think it's necessarily giving her much nutrition. My supply has totally tanked since night-weaning and I never even feel fullness even if it's been a long time between feedings.

Shes a fantastic eater and eats all table food, snacks and water so I'm not worried about stopping from that perspective.

I feel like she really only does it for comfort which is fine but she's getting increasingly more aggressive when I don't nurse her (throwing fits, screaming). It makes me wonder if this would end if she no longer had the option.

I guess I'm struggling because part of me thinks I should just continue until she weans herself and then another part of thinks I'll have to nudge her that direction if we're going to do it.

I've been pregnant and/or nursing for over 3 years now. I guess I'm wondering what it would be like to get a little break. Also, AF is still MIA and while we're not necessarily TTC, it doesn't appear the systems are on track since we've never prevented and still haven't conceived.

 If you've made it this far, any thoughts or stories? 

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Re: Conflicting feelings about weaning, anyone?

  • I am still nursing my 18mos despite being almost halfway through this pregnancy.  Like your DD, my DD is an avid nursing and very much a comfort nursing.  It also causes a meltdown if I try to put off nursing.  I completely understand your concerns.

    That said, I have decided to still let her continue for now.  DH is deploying Septmeber-ish, I'm due just a couple of weeks before DD's bday and I think it will be too stressful to try to wean before two major life changes.  It's just whats right for us.

    You have to do whatever is right for you.

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  • I'm nursing my son who will be 2 in a little over 2 weeks.

    I think unlitmently the rule should be to quite when your LO is ready OR you are ready. On the flip side you should go as long as LO and you are happy. Both of you need to be happy with BF all in all.

    We are starting the weaning process but I am not planning on fully weaning him until he shows more signs of being ready. I basically don't offer and if he asks I try to distract first. After that if he still wants to BF we do. Also DH puts him to bed when he is home just so he is learning to go to sleep without it, and it is good bonding time for them. When DS hit 18 or 20 months he was way more easily distracted and once we got over the hard hump it was awesome because now we BF occasionally but he is not having it all the time. We are at a good balance now.

    While I'm ready to cut back and start the process of weaning I don't think ether of us want to fully wean yet. My persioanl goal was to make it to two and we are going to hit that in a few weeks. I can see us BF for awhile, maybe once a day or twice a day.  You can always help her cut way back and keep in mind the weaning process can sometimes be drawn out so if you want to start now you can still expect to BF awhile if you do it in the way I described. Of course if you are done you can just stop cold turkey one day as well, although I imagine that would be hard for you both.But there are a lot of ways to wean.

    I will say that after I got over the between slump I really grew to love that time. DS will cuddle and calm for a moment and BF him for comfort really is a special time for us now. I want to say that it really changed in a way around 18 or 20 months so if you do decide top keep BF then expect  the crazy toddler antics soon. Sure it is crazy BF with a kid who wants to be upside down but it also really fun and a good bonding time because they start to communicate in a way while BF and it just feel extra special IMO. LOL, I guess it evens itself out in  a way. Also he was so much more easily distracted away from nursing at this time. Now that he is about to be 24 months I can just about always distract him.

    I guess what I am saying is if you decide to keep BF it gets to be way different as they transition to toddler-hood.She will possible start to get more distracted, communicate more, and do crazy acrobatics...and even nursing way less possibility!

    Whatever you decide you have been BF for a good stretch so good job and do what is right for you! You should be proud of yourself for whatever you decide.


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