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really people?!?!

i pretty irritated this morning! first DD throws away my dace wash he swore he didnt do it but he cleaned the bathroom!! mind you its not cheap and do you think he is going to go buy another $15 bottle of face wash hell no! then i pull up to work to open my office and there are to people sitting in the parkinglot already one proceeds to say "it took you long enough" ummm its not even 9am really?!?  and the second one comes in my office and says"DANG!!!! u are huge! are you sure there are not twins in there?!?" I got an attitude and said "this is the 3rd time you have asked me no there not twins no im not going to pop and if you feel that you need to ask me everytime you see me dont come in my office. Put your rent in the drop box... Ok maybe a little overboard but i was irritated, My morning started off crappy! and I pray that my mood gets better beacuse at this point im a little upset and b*&#CY ok rant over!!!
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Re: really people?!?!

  • I think your response was perfectly suited for the situation!
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  • I would have said the same thing!  I'm especially tired of old jokes and cliche sayings during this pregnancy!  Is like, dang, gimme a break!  lol,  Hope your day gets better!!
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  • I'm sorry your morning was so sucky. I had a pretty bad day yesterday. Good for you for putting that rude person in their place! If they had asked me three times I would have lost it too.
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  • Thanks ladies! Im in a better mood this afternoon! Picked DD up from school and had a mothers day present and her face was soo happy to give it to me! it made me feel alot better :)
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