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8 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Acne

Hello, everyone!  I am 8 weeks pregnant, and for the past few weeks my face has had horrible breakouts.  My doctor said it is definitely hormones, and that it was fine to use any over the counter topical medication.  I am anxious about using anything though.  Is anyone else having this problem, and has anyone found anything that works?

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  • I was having this problem....I'm currently 8 weeks and I finally got it under control.  I use all natural products on my skin.  I recommend tea tree oil!
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  • I'm also 8 weeks, i'm breaking out really bad. my face is oily all the time and my pore hate me, so it seems. I'm also breaking out on my shoulders. I just want it to go away!

  • Honestly, Dove soap works wonders for me.  I do need a combination skin moisturizer because its 100 degree outside plus my naturally oily skin.  It seems to clear things up over night.  I also use a topical benzoyl peroxide cream just to spot treat the big ones (that don't go away over night).  I use it sparingly because like you, even though docs say its okay, I'm nervous to keep using harsh treatments on my face!

  • I've had the same problem, it's on my shoulders and back as well. I like Aubrey Organics products, there's none of the harsh chemicals and it does not dry my skin out. It seems to be helping too! I use the one with blue-green algae. Try looking for it at a natural food store.

     If it gets really bad I like to mince some garlic and mix it with raw honey and wash my face with it. It stinks but it seems to help clear it up. You probably will want to put a little moisturizer on after. Tea tree oil is also good for spot treatment.

     Good luck! 

  • I just came back from my doctor and asked her about this same issue, she said that anything I use for my skin during pregnancy will have to be for sensitive skin. she recomended dove facial soap for sensitive skin, she said it works really well. She said to even switch my lotions for sensitive skin and that my acne should improve. I hope this tip works for you! good luck!

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I haven't broken out this bad since highschool. I just reached the 8 week mark today. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, so I'm going to mention it to her then and see what she suggests.


  • I have never had backne in my life lol until now. It is disgusting. I know its my hormones but ewwww. I will try what a few women have put in response like the tea tree oil and the dove for sensitive skin! Thanks!
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