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If only emotional breakdowns were a sign of impending labor...

because then I'd be pretty sure that labor was almost here. I haven't been like this the entire pregnancy, but now the stress of everything, the pressure from well-meaning but impatient  family, the ungodly dose of steroids I'm taking to boost my platelets, and the pregnancy hormones have done me in. If I can make it through work today without crying (at least publicly) or biting someone's head off, I will consider it a successful day.

Anyone else feel like an emotional trainwreck?

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Re: If only emotional breakdowns were a sign of impending labor...

  • Don't get your hopes up, but...they can be. I've talked to plenty of women who had a huge emotional break down just hours before labor started. Maybe it has something to do with the hormone surge they think triggers labor? I'm just grasping at straws. It makes sense....in a way.

    At 39w4d, I totally fell apart. I started bawling my eyes out and rocking back and forth. I wailed, I don't want to be pregnant ANYMORE!!! I was so miserable. The funny part is, I felt great hours before. Just for some reason, at that point, I couldn't do it anymore. I cried it out and went to bed...and woke up to an aching back and a bloody show. She was born the next morning.

  • Yes, me too.  Everything is making me cry...if someone looks at me wrong I start crying.  I realize I am being ridiculous as I start crying but cannot stop myself. 

    We can only hope it gets better post-baby, but from what I hear it only get worse :(


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  • I burst into tears in my boss's office this morning because I'm just so tired and miserable.  It happens.  Luckily, she understands.  She also tends to find it really interesting that contractions can make you tired (!) because she had to c-sections and never experienced them.  I'd say hang in there, but I know that right now if someone says that to me I want to bite their head off.  Hopefully babies come soon!!

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  • I wish it were a sign!! I had a major hormonal breakdown on Wednesday, I could barely compose myself ha..and it last for like an hour! That was actually the first time this whole pregnancy I really got like that so I'm betting the hormones get extra crazy towards the end..I feel your pain..hang in there its almost over!

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  • Things I cried about yesterday...

    My husband telling me he'd have to work late.

    My husband coming home at 8:15, when he said he'd be home at 8.

    My husband calling our dog stupid.

    And immediately following the crying, was me screaming at my husband for all of these infractions. I'm fairly certain he wanted to leave me last night.

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  • If that were the case, would have been in labor since the beginning.  But like pp said, could be.  My emotions have been quite stable, but who knows.  As the days cont to tick down, that could change in a heartbeat!!  I hope you are feeling better soon!! Have a great weekend!!!
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  • I'm right there with you. My big emotional breakdown was Monday at my 39 week appointment when I still had no change in anything and baby was so high up there he couldn't feel anything :(. I've just been kind of bummed ever since. We're ready...we don't know what to expect (because every birth is different), we don't know when to expect it...and we are surrounded by well-meaning people who are so anxious to meet our baby and just want to know how we're feeling...but they're driving us crazy! 

    My daughter was born at 38 weeks with my water breaking, so I"ve never had to go through this week 39 crap :) lol. It's not the funnest! 

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