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Childbirth classes-which one?

I am definitely planning on taking a childbirth class. My hospital offers 2. The first is a 3 hour abbreviated class ($50) that discusses the lingo, timing contractions, stages of labor, pain management, Cesarean birth, postpartum recovery and newborn assessment. The longer class is 8 hours ($100) and includes everything offered in the abbreviated class, as well as comfort measures and relaxation techniques, patterned breathing, and labor positions. So my questions are: which one would you take and why do you think it's the better option? TIA!
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Re: Childbirth classes-which one?

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    My class didn't spend 4 hours on the items listed in your longer class, maybe an hour total. If you plan to labor naturally for as long as possible, go for the longer one.

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  • The first one. The medical staff is going to take your hand and you through the process anyways while you're doing it. I'd rather spend the time/money on a "newborn/baby care" class or a "bfing" class. 

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  • Ditto Damabo. If you have to pay for a BFing class (and you plan to BF), I'd rather do that. 
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  • I would take the longer class b/c personally, those additional topics you listed were the most important to me & ended up being the most beneficial in my L&D.

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