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2nd TM - Itzbeen timer?

Is it worth it? I didn't have one last time around but I feel like chasing a toddler I might need this to keep track. Is it worth buying one?

Re: 2nd TM - Itzbeen timer?

  • hmp1hmp1 member
    I found it useless. I ended up using excel to track everything so I could see patterns emerge. I'm hoping I have the time to do it again because I found it so helpful.  I think there are apps that do the same thing as the Itzbeen Timer plus some of them have a tracking feature so you can go back and review.

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  • I had one and loved it!  Especially in the beginning when I was over tired. It was so easy to look at and see when things were done last. It was also great when DH was helping out. He was really good about pushing the buttons, so if I got to sleep in a bit I could tell when things were done. 
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  • By the time I got one, my first born was about 5 months old.  By then I had already learned how to live without it, so I never even used it for any of my kids.  Oh well.  Some people swear by them.
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  • I wrote it down in a journal, but plan on using my iPhone this time to get an app that can do the same thing.
  • How is it any different than having a pad of paper and a pen and writing it down?  Cheaper too. 
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  • We didn't use one but I think they're a waste of money.  If you have a smart phone there are apps where you can track feedings/diapers, etc.  They're either free or super cheap.
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  • We found it completely useless.  In fact, we never used it.  We used an old-fashioned pen and paper and a chart I created based on the chart they used at the hospital.


  • mchupiemchupie member
    We loved ours! I used it all day every day until DD was about 11 months. I tried writing stuff down but found clicking a button to be much easier, and it was more mobile. We will definitely use it for this baby as well.
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  • I just used a notebook but all I kept track of was feedings, and only for the first month or so.  I may look and see if there's an app for it this time, since now I have an iphone.
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  • I've never tried it but it was easiest for us to make an excel spreadsheet, print and stick it on a clipboard.  We wrote everything down for probably 4-5 months because I'm anal like that :)
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  • my sister swore by it and told me I NEEDED to register for one.
  • I just used pen & paper

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  • not a stm but... i didn't even know this existed but it seems so smart. i'm all about tracking in excel and will probably do that (i do like me some pretty charts), but for reminding me when it's time to feed/change/whatever again, i think it's neat. just added it to my registry. 

    edit: i have a blackberry, so i doubt there's an app (but i'll check). but even so, when i go back to work and my partner is home for several months, i couldn't rely on my phone. but the app idea seems better than buying a gadget that's just a fancy timer. 

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  • I just used a notebook.  I'm hoping by now there is an ipad app or something to make it easier.
  • We just used pen and paper as well.  I'm anal about charting things like that at the beginning but still never saw the need for one.
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  • We used pen and paper last time but this time I bought one off of Craigs list for half price seemed like a good deal
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  • Thanks ladies - I'm pretty phone illiterate so I'm not sure an app will work for me...with the mixed results here I might as well just pick one up for the $25.
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