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try before you buy carriers

Wanted to share a link and see if anyone has ever ordered from before? They have a carrier rental program where you can rent 3 carriers for $25. Sounds almost too good to be true so I wondered if there were hidden fees? Has anyone used this site or one like it?

Re: try before you buy carriers

  • I have not used that site, but I do know that Zerberts has a return program and Pax Baby has a sling trial.  Both are very highly rated sites on TBW. 

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  • Do you have a babywearing group in  your area? That is another avenue for trying out carriers. In my group, you can try anything during a meeting for free. If you want to borrow a carrier from the library for a month you have to be a member which is $30 per year, but it such a fun play and educating group that it is worth it. Here is a list of some babywearing groups:


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  • Im using quirky baby right now and I was pretty skeptical too, but there aren't any hidden fees. You do have to give her a credit card number over the phone to cover the deposit in case you don't return the carrier, but I haven't had any trouble from that and you aren't actually charged unless you don't return it (it shows up in my pending and the deposit from my first round of rentals was removed upon their return). I'm actually on my second round because the pikkolo was out of stock when I placed my first rental order. 

    The lady that runs it is also very nice. I've interacted with her via email several times to have her check my placement of DD in the carriers and to get advice on additional carries that DD might like. She has responded quickly each time. I also forgot to send the instructions back for the ring sling and had to send them a week later because I was out of town and I just let her know and she didn't have a problem with it and didn't charge me anything additional for the delay. 

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