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Week - Weight Tracker

please share yours.  post your week along with the weight. it'll be easier to compare to others this way :)

 i've had no morning sickness at all, and my appetite is better then good.


i'm at week 20, 15lb already :(

Yikes! need to slow down with the yummies! 


Re: Week - Weight Tracker

  • Up 10lbs at 20w.

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  • mb314mb314 member
    I'm 20.5 weeks, and I'm up between 10 and 12 (I don't really know how much I weighed pre-pregnancy). 
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  • I haven't gained anything yet.  Thank God.  But I'm starting out with a lot more lol. 
  • week 20, up 3 pounds. (was overweight to begin with though)

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  • Week 20 - At the Dr's last week, I was up 4  I wish I had my appetite back, I eat because I have to, but where are the cravings?  

    From what I understand it all balances out, so maybe the 3rd tri is when I will feel like eating.


  • 22 weeks Friday - up 10 pounds Huh? Trying to slow down on the sweets/junk!

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  • 20 weeks on Friday and I'm up 5 lbs.
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  • skyejoskyejo member
    I'm 19w.  According to my scale I'm up 10lbs.  According to my MWs scale I'm up 7.  Let's go with 7, shall we? Stick out tongue
  • stf3814stf3814 member
    19 weeks on Friday and I'm up about 10 pounds from the first doctor's visit I had with my OB at 10 weeks.  At that visit, I weighed about 5 more lbs than I did prior to getting pregnant but I have no clue what the difference was/is in my doctor's scale versus the one at home.  I'm now just going by the scale at the doctor's office and staying off the one at home.
  • 21 weeks and I think I am up about 8 lbs now. I didn't gain anything in the 1st tri, so I am worried I have started a bad trend with this much already in the 2nd. I am overweight so I don't need to gain a lot.

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  • 20 wks, 8 lbs
  • I'm not sure comparing is the best thing to do. I'm with the girls who haven't gained anthing, but I also started out overwieght.
  • Baha I'm a skinny girl turned big weight gainer (with both!)-- 20 lbs at 21 weeks.
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  • kjskjskjskjs member
    22W and I'm -10 from pre-pregnancy weight. I started out heavier. Baby is perfectly on track for 22w.
  • 10lbs last week at 20 weeks. I eat SUPER healthy, too. 
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  • Week 20.  Lost 3 lbs in the first tri.  Gained them back, plus 3 more.  So I'm either up 3 or 6, depending on how you look at it.
  • No morning sickness at all here either....I'm up 11-12 lbs at almost 22 weeks.  I weighed 115 to start and am 5'3-5'4'ish.

  • I am 19.5wks and am up 7lbs...but i didnt find out i was prego until later so they didnt keep track of the 13lbs i lost in the beginning
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  • up 4 lbs and I am 20 weeks (21 on Thursday)
  • jenndubjenndub member
    I'm week 19 and up 10 pounds.

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  • Weighed myself this morning I am 18w6d and still down 5.5

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  • 18 wks & up 10 lbs.


    Cooper Edward


  • 20 weeks, up 13 lbs

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  • At 20 weeks, I was up 11 lbs.  I'm 22 weeks today.  We don't own a scale but I'm starting to think that we should get one to help motivate me to cut back on the sugary baked goods.
  • 19 weeks up 18lbs as of my last appointment two weeks ago. ( People keep saying I'm small  you really can't see the weight gain)
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  • Just shy of 22 weeks and still holding strong at +8 lbs. Haven't gained int he past couple of weeks. I had a growth spurt and I've plateaued. I'm sure another one is coming soon! I started a bit overweight.

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  • 21wks -15.7lbs as of yesterday.  My doc isn't concerned.  This appointment was the first one I hadn't lost anything--I actually stayed exactly the same to the ounce!

    Nancy James 9.1.12

    Calvin Donald 8.27.14

  • 18.5 weeks, up 3 lbs
    Not in TX any more! - Central PA
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  • BPerBPer member
    19w2d and up 7lbs. as of this morning.  This time last week I was only up 4lbs.  I blame the second breakfast I have every morning.


  • imagemb314:
    I'm 20.5 weeks, and I'm up between 10 and 12 (I don't really know how much I weighed pre-pregnancy). 


  • hmp1hmp1 member
    At my 16 week appt I was up 3 lbs from my prepregnancy weight. Up 5 lbs if you include the couple of lbs I lost in first tri.

    James Sawyer 12.3.10
    Leo Richard 9.20.12 

  • 21 weeks and gained around 10
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  • 20 weeks,  12 lbs from the first doctors weigh-in, 17 from before I had my BFP.  
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  • imageanitalynn:

    10lbs last week at 20 weeks. I eat SUPER healthy, too. 

    You dirt-eating vegan! ;)  (You are the vegan, right?)

    Kidding. But yeah, I don't think comparing weights is always a good idea. Your body does what it needs to do. I was overweight to start, so I could stand to lose some.

    Haha.  Guilty. 

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  • Week 21, 14 pounds (and I asked my doctor and she said it was perfectly fine, so I'm just going to keep eating like I've been eating)

    I was average weight pre-pregnancy 

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  • I have only gained 2 pounds but thats just because I still get sick every morning! Tongue Tied


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  • tma1685tma1685 member
    Almost 21 weeks and up 6 pounds. Which is a mirlce since my belly has tripled in size lol.
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  • 19 weeks, I was up 14lbs at this morning's appt.

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  • 20wks -- 5lbs
    imageimageimageimageimage 9/07 m/c baby boy @ 18wks, 4/09 m/c @ 4.5wks
  • I'm up 10 lbs at 22w.


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