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Losing My J-O-B

Yep. My company is pretty much going under. Nothing official has been said to me about my future, but my boss and I both know my position will be eliminated. I don't know when, but I give it until June. That is a problem considering I am due in September. My insurance is going out the window with my job so I don't know what to do.

Anyone here from Chicago? I have an interview up there on Monday, but it's pretty expensive and I don't know how easy we would be able to sell our house here in Memphis. Uncertainty is pretty scary. I know I will be fine in the end, but it is the not knowing that really gets me down.

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Re: Losing My J-O-B

  • Major hugs. I lost my job when I was about 5 months pregnant with ds. It was absolutely depressing, until he was born in September. Now I get the privelege of being a sahm. You can collect unemployment until you find another job and you'll qualify for Cobra insurance (which is freakin expensive)...but just tighten your budget a bit and everything will work out.

    Good luck with the job interview.

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  • I feel for you. The private school I work for is closing and they are saying they dont have the money to pay us are contracted salaries which is 3 months worth. We are fighting the church now and should find out tomorrow if they agree to pay us. If not we are going to the media and picketing, its a nightmare. I feel so depressed, I hope you are able to find a new job!


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  • So sorry to hear about your job loss.  Uncertainty is the worst, especially with a new LO on the way!

    I'm from the Chicago area (have lived in both the city and multiple burbs).  It's definitely more expensive than Memphis, but it's a wonderful place to live.  The city has a much higher COL than most of the burbs, but there are rail lines in most suburbs that make for an easier commute if you'd rather not live in the city proper...  Feel free to PM me if you have Chicago qs!

  • hmp1hmp1 member

    Sorry. Hope it all works out for you!

    We moved to TN last summer for my husband's job. We listed our house in TX for sale or for rent at the same time. We thought for sure we would end up having to rent it. We got an offer to purchase in less than 2 weeks and closed shortly after. It can happen! GL! 

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  • I second what everyone else says about COBRA.  It isn't cheap, but certainly cheaper than paying out of pocket.  Also, you should be able to collect unemployment.
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