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Shot tomorrow

I'm new to this site. But I'm nervous for everything coming up.  I have PCOS and had this diagnosed at 16.  So I was fully aware that it was going to take some work.  I was on bc from then until 30, so we discovered after getting off that I didn't ovulate on my own.  I got metformin from my OB and sent to a RE.  So I just did a round of clomid and I go in tomorrow for my trigger shot if she sees a good development.  

Just anxious. And had to say something to someone since my husband and I haven't say anything about our TTC to anyone.  And 4 friends have gotten pregnant in the last year with the comments of "You should have baby.  It's time for you two to start". Which I smile and nod at. 

Re: Shot tomorrow

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    Welcome to the board...Hope your stay is a quick one!
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    Good luck tomorrow!
    Happily married since July 2008
    Me = 32, PCOS, AO :: DH = 34, SA= all good!
    TTC since April 2009
    9/11 - Started Acupuncture, began O on my own in November!
    1/12 - Consult w/ RE
    1/24/12 - Lap & Cystectomy to remove a tumor w/ precancerous cells from left ovary, also removed part of left ovary, no signs of endo noticed at that time
    2/12 - forced break to recover from surgery
    3/12- given the OK to start treatment w/ RE
    3/12 - HSG = right side good, unable to get dye in left tube so cannot verify if it is clear
    5/12 - Clomid + trigger + IUI = BFN 6/12 - Medicated cycle cancelled due to cysts, natural cycle instead
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    Well I had my ultrasound and none of my eggs were ready.  So I start a stronger cycle of clomid and go back next week.  Guess we'll see if my body wants to participate then.
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