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DD just turned 4 and is suddenly insecure???

Has anyone experienced this?  I am wondering what is going on with my pumpkin...  She began preschool 3 mornings a week in January and seemed to transition well.  A couple of weeks ago she was waiting by the fence for me when I went to pick her up and I thought it was odd, when she got in the car I noticed a big red mark under her bangs and asked her what happened, she told me a boy pushed her down and she fell on one of the marbles...  poor thing...  anyway, the following visit to preschool he apparently pushed her again.  I brought it up to the teacher and director (the boy is the son of the director)  they were very understanding about my concern and said they were keeping a close eye on him because he was struggling but they didnt see anything transpire between my daughter and him...  Well since this all went down she has slowly been unraveling in terms of school, today she insisted she did not want to go and for better or worse I didn't make an issue of it...  When I ask her why she says she will be sad I am not there, but it hasn't been an issue before...  I ask her if someone has said or done something at school to upset her and she says no...  Friday I picked her up and the teacher said she was sad all morning, when I asked why she just said she thought she was tired there wasn't really any particular incident...  At home she is randomly getting sad and telling me she needs a hug...  I am just worried that I can't figure out what is going on with her and I am wondering if this is something that could be developmental (she turned four about 2 months ago) I don't really know if any of it is related to the pushing it just happened to kind of go down hill from there...  Any thoughts ?

Re: DD just turned 4 and is suddenly insecure???

  • My daughter has been doing this recently too (she will be 4 this month). She hasn't had any issues at school, but she has been sad and all clingy lately. Especially after picking her up at school after her nap. Usually she wakes up and is all wired up and crazy, but not lately. I just chalked it up to moods and "that's what kids her age do" - but nobody else had the same story -- until here! Good luck with your LO.
  • This happens to DD occasionally.  I try to give her extra attention, hugs, patting her on the back etc to help reassure her.  When she comes up to talk to me I'll rub her back-just little things to show affection.
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