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Question about diapers for STMs

I was just wondering if it was important to try and keep your baby in the same brand of diapers? I keep seeing good deals on diapers and I'm trying to stock up on different sizes but it's never the same brand. Also, I know that at baby showers people give you different brands of diapers. I was just wondering if it would start to bother a baby's skin or is it really not that big of a deal? Thanks 

Re: Question about diapers for STMs

  • Different diapers fit differently, so some brands may not work for your LO. I don't think using different brands causes skin problems, but your baby's skin my react to some types of diapers. There is just no way to know til you have a baby! The answers can change as time goes by, too.

    When my LO was an infant, the only type of disposables we could use on him were 7th Gen or he'd get a really bad rash. Then he could use some brands, but still not Target Up & he is wearing the Up & Up ones fine.

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  • I wouldn't stock up on any particular brand and make sure what you do buy is exchangeable.

     There are so many variables with babies and diapers. Will babe be tall and skinny, short and fat, have sensitive skin?

    My first kid wore pampers with no problems. My second kid got a rash with dri-max and wore huggies until I realized that Luvs are freaking awesome and a fraction of the price. Neither of my kids were good in most store brands, especially target, but rocked the Wegman's supremes no problem. A good friend swears by walmart brand.

    You just never know what will work with your kid until you try. :)

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  • I have used every brand on DS. We received so many different ones as gifts and i didnt have the time to take them all back. I did notice that Huggies gave him a bit of a rash where the diapers rubbed on his thighs (they werent any tighter than the other brands so i know its somethinf in the diaper). as soon as i switched brands, he was fine. My mom said my siblings and i were all the same way.

    Im starting to stock up on diapers, and i will probably use different brands unless something similar happens with baby2. Every kid is different though. 

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  • We used what people bought us for our shower initially, but came to love Huggie's Pure and Natural.  They're a bit more expensive, but they've been the best with DS.  Hardly any leaks or leaks overnight.  They fit him really well.  And they're the best for his skin.
  • We have used Pampers from day one with DS and will most likely with this one as well. I wouldn't mind switching to a less expensive brand, but I am heavily into the rewards program at this point with Pampers!
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  • Thanks ladies! I'm trying not to stock up too much on diapers because of the reasons mentioned. I've been going with the adding money to a gift card route, but I can't pass up a good deal when I see one!
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    Pampers worked best for DS's sensitive skin. We gave away the couple of Huggies packs I had from showers.  We only used Pampers Sensitive (without Dry Max, I hate Dry Max) until a few months ago when I changed to Honest Diapers (environmentally friendly disposables and good for his sensitive skin). Honest Diapers are not sold in stores, currently you have to sign up on their website but it is nice to get my diapers delivered once a month and I never have to think about it. Plus they come is seriously cute patterns. They are a little more pricey though. I do still use Pampers Night Time diapers because they work great, Honest doesn't make a night time diaper and I'm too scared to try the regular ones through the night.

    I have a couple of packs of Pampers Sensitive for this new baby and will hopefully be able to use Honest Diapers. 

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  • I doubt it would be that big of a deal which ones you get.  Pampers and Huggies are great, and any kind of offbrand diaper I would just advise that you always put a barrier between baby's butt and the diaper (Like powder or cream) for each change, and change them as soon as you feel they need changed.  My babies tolerated most every diaper skin wise (except white cloud or parents choice- they are just not worth saving the 2 bucks for IMO)  The thing about a lot of diapers is the fit.  My babies are Pampers babies because they just fit good and never get rashes from them.  Great absorption.  Huggies just do not fit my babies legs as well, but I sure did buy the Hawaiian print Huggies that came out last week up here.  :)  Surprisingly they fit okay now, but she seemed to pee out the legs when she was a lot smaller.  Maybe she just needed to put a little weight on, lol.   I would say they are all ok, just tape your receipts to them just in case.
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  • I agree that the main thing about diapers is how the different brands will work for you and your LO.  I have always used Pampers with my boys because they just seem to fit them best.  Huggies and Luvs always leaked for us.  Other friends swear by the other brands.  My boys were all long and skinny as babies--I think that makes a difference.  I don't know what will work best for these girls!

     I don't think that you'll have to worry about skin issues with the diapers.  The wipes are a different story--my boys reacted to the different fragrances within the same brand.  I generally preferred Pampers Sensitive wipes for newborns and Huggies for toddlers.   Huggies are thicker and seem to do a better job on those messier, table-food diapers. 

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  • And once you find a diaper you love, has weekly (on Sundays?) posts on where to find the cheapest diapers and wipes in stores and online, including coupons. 

     We're using cloth, but we're also buying a few of several different brands, because the fit, etc. is so different for each one. 

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  • I would say having different brands in the beginning (but not a ton) is good since you have to find the brand that works best for you and your a newborn/infant we liked Huggies...but now as a toddler, we can use LUvs (which are cheaper - because she is not peeing as much)  But I have heard some brands work better for boys vs girls, etc... 
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