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Matching sib names for Henry Vaughn

I would like this baby's name to be very strongly tied to, well matched with my DS. It is probably my biggest concern in chosing a name. I share a middle initial with my mom and dad and that has always felt really cool to me. My son is Henry Vaughn H. (last name is German and 3 syllables) As a result we have been looking at H and V names and the only options that have really stuck are:

Hazel Violet

Hazel Vivienne (Vivienne for my grandmother)

I did comb through the 10,000 baby names book and consider every other name under the sun. These are still the only girls names DH and I both like, even discounting trying to match initials.

However, I am totally stuck on boys names. Any inspiration for me? DH likes Atticus and that would have been DS's middle name if I had agreed to it. I've got nothing, zip, zero.

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Re: Matching sib names for Henry Vaughn

  • I was going to suggest Thomas Grant or Benjamin Dean because I think they totally match the style of your DS#1's name.  If you are looking for something matchy/matchy with the same initials (NMS) maybe consider:

    Heath Atticus

    I love the name Hazel. 

  • Between your two girls names, I vote for Hazel Vivienne. I like that it's after your grandmother, and Hazel Violet are unfortunately (a) both plants and (b) both colors. The combination is pretty, but it's sort of silly when you think about it.

    As far as boys' names....

    Are you also wanting them to begin with H? I like Haymitch (a little out there for some; also a Hunger Games name, so it might deter you), Harris, Hugh, Hugo, Holden, Hector, and Harlan. All of these go with Henry.

    Otherwise, you might like Oliver, William/Liam, Byron, Charles, Albert, Francis/Frank, or Lawrence.

    FWIW, I love Atticus.

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  • See, I don't like any of the other boy's names that start with H. Also, haven't really come up with a boy's middle name starting with V that I like either. Victor, maybe, meh.

     So, I think I will have to branch out. I like Charles, because it is my grandfather's name. We had the name Henry picked out and agreed on a least 5 years before DS came along and it is the one and only boy's name we have ever both liked. So, at this point, I am hoping for a girl :)

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