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What will I need in baby's first weeks?

I posted this on my Month  board, but you girls might have a better perspective since you're going through this as well.

My baby was born at 32 weeks. My shower was postponed until June... baby will probably be home before that as he's doing great in the NICU... just needs to gain some weight! 

Any advice on what I'll need when he gets home since I'll need to go out and buy it? I got a few gifts already (preemie/newborn clothes, bath, bouncer seat, and first aid kit)... we have a crib, a diaper bag, and we just bought the car seat. That's pretty much all we have at this point.  

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Re: What will I need in baby's first weeks?

  • Completely agree with pp.  If you have the money and time, here are some other items you may want:

    -baby washcloths

    -baby wash, baby shampoo, diaper cream (although you probably have some samples you've rec'd along the way so might not need it immediately)

    -Safety Q-tips, boogie wipes, Nose Frida (I prefer this over the bulb syringes)

    -Swaddle Me blankets/Miracle Blanket/Halo Swaddle Sleepsack (whichever brand you prefer); I recommend at least two so you'll have an extra if LO spits up on one

    -Sound Machine (although you can use a fan if you have one already)

    -Rock n Play; this is by far the most recommended item you'll see on these boards.  It is not a must have since you have a crib, but you may find that you want LO in your room the first few weeks and if so the RNP is really nice to have

    Everything else you won't need immediately but may eventually want like a swing, activity mat, rattles, etc.

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  • Sounds like you have all the essentials.  I also used a Boppy and a swing alot during the first few weeks (and still use them now).  Even when I gave her a bottle, I still used the Boppy, it makes it less tiring on the arms when feeding. 

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  • My DD lived in sleepers.  I was too tired to deal with dressing her in an outfit and she slept most of the time anyway.  Diapers.  Bottles (not sure if you are BF or FF, but you may need to supplement).  We used those dry wipes the hospital had.  You might want to try to find some more of those .  DD got a really bad diaper rash at 1 week and we couldn't use the wipes, they were too harsh.  Somewhere for LO to sleep.  I think that was about all we needed.
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  • Agreed, the first few weeks you really don't need much. Diapers, sleep sacks, some soap and washcloths for spongebaths. After the cord falls off a baby bath is nice too. If you BF them some pads for your bra because you'll leak like crazy probabluthe first couple weeks until your supply balences.

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  • A place to change baby (floor works well for awhile with a pad, but tables are much easier on your back.)  A safe place to lay baby down while cooking/folding laundry/etc.  Feeding supplies - either a very good nursing pillow/comfy chair with back support; or a good pump and bottles (and an old sports bra you can cut the nipples out of for hands-free pumping); or formula and bottles.  Swaddles/sleep-n-plays/sleep sacks, since you can't use loose blankets.  Burp cloths/bibs.  At least a good-sized crate of size 1 diapers (or newborn-size if your DS is coming home significantly smaller than 8 lbs.)  A good place for DS to sleep either in your room or where you can crash in DS's room once in awhile. 

  • I think PP's covered everything for the baby.  Definitely burp cloths and rec' blankets.  I couldn't believe how many I went through. 

    Comfy jammies for you that are okay for company to see you in. 

    And I will second the Rock N Play.  My LO is sleeping in hers right now. 


  • I think the Rock n Play and a sling or wrap are really good ideas, especially since he's a premie. You can keep him close and bond so much faster!
  • it's already been covered but here's what I needed:

    diapers, wipes, halo swaddle sacks, washcloths and baby wash for bath, maybe a pacifier or two, clothes, thin and thicker blankets, little noses saline drops (used it day 5, I think), baby aquaphor, thermometer, and of course car seat. for you: breast pads if you're breastfeeding, maxi pads. 

    not needed but nice to have: boppy, swing, and rock n play helped save my sanity.


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    All you need for the first several months is diapers, a crib, and milk of some sort
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