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Walmart Completion Discount?

I was wondering if any of your ladies knew if Walmart offered a registry completion discount. I am registering at BRU also but figured I better register somewhere people can visit in person- that's where Walmart comes in.

Thanks girls!

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Re: Walmart Completion Discount?

  • I registered at Wal-Mart and Target with ds and only remember getting one from Target.
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  • Nope, I am pretty sure you do not get anything with Walmart. I registered there for my wedding and am now for my baby shower, but I haven't gotten anything from there. Just do it because it's everywhere and we don't have a BRU near us!

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  • I never post on here, so you probably don't recognize my sn.  With DD1, I registered at Wal-mart and specifically asked about this.  They said "because our prices are so low to begin with, we do not offer completion discounts or coupons for registering with us".  Personally I thought it was crap, but oh well.  HTH
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