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DD hasn't pooped in 11 days.  She is EBF and before this she went 7-8 days before she pooped.  The doctor felt her stomach then and said it seemed as though there was nothing in her intestines and that she was utilizing all the nutrients from the milk.  Well, Friday I gave her an ounce of prune juice diluted with an ounce of water.  No poop.  Then Saturday I gave her 2 oz. prune juice mixed with 2 oz. water.  It's Sunday and no poop.  Getting a little worried.  Doesn't the prune juice have to come out since she can't possibly need all that's in the juice?  IDK....someone give me some advice please.  We're a little concerned.  We may be taking another trip to the doctor tomorrow if nothing happens.
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Re: Constipated?

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    If you think DD is uncomfortable, you can try some Dark Karo Syrup. Start with 1/2tsp and if still no poop go up to 1tsp. It's 100% natural and simply a stool softener, they can't become dependent on it. Also Mira-lax can be given to babies. DD2 is on added rice formula and get's constipated at lot. The Karo Syrup worked great for a few months, then her GI DR switched her to Mira-lax. I'm not a DR so you may want to double check the dosage with your Ped, just call in and ask to speak to the nurse. Dark Karo Syrup is in the baking isle, it's just corn syrup (not high fructose corn syrup). But if LO isn't crying and uncomfortable or gassy it's probably just fine.
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    11 days is too long IMO (and my pediatrician's) and my LO is primarily BF.  Our pedi said that if our LO hadn't gone by day 5 then to give a glycerin suppository.  They are available at the pharmacy and are called "infant glycerin suppositories."  They work really well and nothing is absorbed into the LO's system (like Karo syrup).  I've never had to use more than one and they work almost instantaneously (make sure you have a diaper ready).  It came out A LOT so I know he just wasn't absorbing everything....he really was backed up.  Just our experience.

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