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Where are the brakes on LO's two wheeler?

My parents just bought DS a new two-wheeler.  It is still in the box, we haven't put it together yet.  DH and I were reading the online description of it and noticed that the brakes are on the handlebars, which seems odd to me.  So, we checked out all of the other 14" bikes at TRU, and they seem to be half and half.

I'm just wondering if we should exchange it for a bike that has a back pedal brake (which seems more intuitive to me.)  

Is having the brakes on the handlebars too much to learn at one time, or am I overthinking this?




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Re: Where are the brakes on LO's two wheeler?

  • I would keep it.  They learn that stuff quick.  DS really wants his on the handles like mine.  


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  • DD has the back pedal brake.  I know from my nephews that they like the hand brakes but they were about 6 when they started asking for a bike with them.
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