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Need Advice, IUGR, feeding and DC

Hi Ladies! I need some of your honest input, I am totally confused what to do. DD was born at 31 weeks with IURG, she has had no other complications other then very low birth weight. Our biggest struggle is/was her bottles. I also breastfeed her and she does well with that. Here is a little background on her, she is 38 weeks and we started bottles about 3-4 weeks ago, we let her get a good hang of breastfeeding first. Right out of the gate she did awesome with them and they were starting the dc process, then she slowly stopped doing as well, just lost her mojo. We took her down to only 4 po feedings a day and she worked her way back up to attempting all 8. Once again doing well for 48 hours then started to slow down a bit, so they were holding off on pulling the NG. She was completing 6-7 feedings a day and then taking at least half the others. Well friday morning I went in to start our day and the little stinker pulled out her NG so I asked if we could just leave it out, for her first feed, since she was crying because she was hungry and it was time to eat. They agreed to see what she would do, well she completed every feed for 8 consecutive feeds, and a few she did the top of her range. Then yesterday she was just sleepy and the nurses really had to work to get her to eat sometimes, but she completed all with the exception of one 30cc and one 42cc. Her range is 45-55. The drs were talking discharge today depending on how she did. I feel totally comfortable feeding her and working her through the ones where she is a little sleepier than others, she totally gets the suck, swallow breathe, its just when she gets what she wants she is done! And she likes her sleep...she gets that from me... 

Her drs say this is typical for an IURG baby, nurses say she knows what to do and can do it just gets lazy/tired, and wants to eat at her own pace ( which we can do at home) Speech has worked with her and said no issues other than endurance.  I know her drs will not send her home if they do not feel she is ready but I would love some advice, reassurance from other moms that may have gone through this. DH and I of course want her home, but don't want to have to bring her back due to her not eating. The feeding guidelines are so black and white at the hospital and I get why and understand the policies and procedures. But at home it will be different, I just don't know if we get her home and she will do 100% better because it can be more at her pace and its just a more calming environment and she will "take off" like the nurses are telling me or if she needs a few more days (ugggh) to really get the hang of things. I by know means want to rush her home, we are obvioulsy not force feeding her, she is taking them. Also she is continuing to gain weight an average of over and ounce a day and is just a hair shy of 6 lbs! (She started at 2lbs 6 oz, DOB 3-6-12)

Have any of you dealt with this, what did you do and what was the outcome?


Once again I know it is up to DD and her drs, they will make the deciding factor and will not send home a baby that may not be ready, we will see what rounds has in store for us! 

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Re: Need Advice, IUGR, feeding and DC

  • My DD2 was born at 35 weeks with IUGR and was 3lbs 8oz. Her situation was similar- just needed to eat and maintain body temp to go home. She was discharged at 37 weeks and had just barely met feeding minimums for 48 hours. She totally freaked me out the first day at home by not eating for several hours. Turns out she was just tired out from her busy day. She more than made up for it through the rest of the day and hasn't looked back. She's done so much better at home on her own schedule! 

    I know it's scary to worry about baby going back to the NICU. Hang in there! 

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  • Being home is so different.  You can feed whenever you want and just keep track of the full day's volume.  I know it is nerve wracking, but try not to worry too much.  Clearly you know what you are doing and *can* get her to eat even if she is being sleepy. 

    One thing to try is getting her naked (down to a diaper) to perk her up/get her awake.

    We increased volume by 5ml at a time and he did it pretty fast.  You're gonna do great!  

    Born at 31w3d due to severe IUGR & Placental Insufficiency--2lbs 3ounces

    We'll miss you sweet Debbie Girl (4.21.12) and sweet Cindy Girl (8.9.12)
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  • ashk7ashk7 member
    Thank you ladies! We got "evicted" today as DH and I joke!! It is so surreal, we are settling in nicely! Feeding her is wonderful and sooooooo much more relaxed, no nurses timing you and watching you! We are in love!
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  • abgs625abgs625 member

    One thing to try is getting her naked (down to a diaper) to perk her up/get her awake.

    I totally agree with this!  I think this is what helped DS get out of the NICU as soon as she did.  She was born at 3lbs, 3oz at 35 weeks, and they were worried about her eating well.  At first, it was a struggle, but one of the nurses popped in while I was doing a night feeding and sat with me to show me things to do to keep her awake - one was naked baby time and another was to keep her feet out and play with her feet.  Both of these worked very well for us Smile

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