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no cry sleep solutions?

my lo is almost 3 months old and I would love if we could start getting her to sleep on own. I really don't want to let her just cry it out though. Usually to get her to sleep she has to be swaddled and then we bounce with her on exercise ball. Sometimes she will last in bassinet for a few hrs, and other times we have to give paci and rock after 15 min. Is there a no cry way to help her sooth self back to sleep at night?
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Re: no cry sleep solutions?

  • Honestly, at 3 months, they really don't have that ability yet.  She does have some sleep suggestions for little babies in The No Cry Sleep Solution though. 
  • I think 3 months is too young to expect them to fall asleep on their own.  Yes, I know it's been done, but it always seems so forced to me and not worth the effort.  They're changing so much that even if you do manage to do it their sleep habits will change soon and you'll have to find something new.  We rocked Micah to sleep until he was almost 11 months old.  He fell asleep quickly and there was no fighting/crying.  I know it's not what you want to hear, but enjoy the snuggle time with your baby now--it goes by way too fast.  If you're really determined to get her to sleep on her own, then read The No Cry Sleep Solution, but I'm not sure how much help it is for such a young baby.
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  • thanks for responses! Good to know these things so I don't worry too much about developing bad sleep habits! 

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  • Whenever one of my 3 month old girls wake up in the middle of the night for that feeding, I really keep it simple and quiet.  Change, feed, sleep.  I don't talk to her as it seems to wake her up too much.  I may sing softly to her (I love to sing to them, and they seem to love it also.  I joke that they will sing before they talk), but really softly and quiet.  Relaxing type of singing.  I truly just make up songs for them.  I burp and then lay her back down.  I give her a kiss and tell her I love her and I will see her in the morning.  We have a routine now, so I think it really helps. 

    The key seems to be to really keep things on the down-low (low light as needed), really quiet environment (we do have a white noise machine, but nothing beyond), and I put her back after.  She falls asleep really really quickly on that routine.  Anything more is too much stimulation, and she wants to be back up. 

    I've been working this routine since they were 9 weeks old, and it seems to work really well.  There is no crying involved.  Sometimes there is a tiny bit of fussing, but it's so minimal and does not last. 

    This is the same technique I used on my oldest daughter, and she has always has really good sleep habits.  She didn't cry or carry on.  She just went to sleep when put in the crib.   So far these girls are following in the same footsteps.  *cross fingers, because every child is different*.

    This is just what I do, and it works for me.  Every mom has to find what works for them.  I will say this - someone else said it too - enjoy every moment (even when you are blinded by fatigue) with them - even in the middle of the night.  I sure do!

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