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9.5 weeks and showing?

So I know I have gained a little bit of weight- but today TWO people said "oh look at your belly". Im so embarassed. Im sue Nov 26, but I keep telling people "November" with no date- just so they dont think- WOW- she is huge!

Anyone else at 9/10 weeks and looking like they have a belly????

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Re: 9.5 weeks and showing?

  • I do, but it's my 3rd pg and it's still mostly bloat.
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  • I definitely looked like I did, but it was just bloat.  My FIL said something similar like that to me last weekend and I totally started crying, stupid hormones!!

    "A new baby is like the beginning of all things--wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."

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  • I'm not really showing yet, but some catty woman at work commented last week "You know you're starting to show that bump now".  I replied "No, that's just bloat and poop. But thanks for pointing it out"
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  • that's awesome. I was so pissed at my secretary for saying something. I may make her stay late to work on some BS project as pay back.. LOL
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  • I am one day behind you and having baby #2.  I can feel/see the top of my uterus right around my pubic bone but my stomach is definitely bigger above it.  Normally my stomach is flat and now I can't make it flat even when I try.  I can't wait until the actual baby is causing my belly to be bigger and not just bloat from hormones. 
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  • Yes I was showing at 8 weeks. Of course bloat up top but it's steadily gotten bigger each week. It's my third baby though and my stomach muscles are still weak from giving birth last year. 

    My mom keeps telling me it's twins and I keep telling her there's only one baby.

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  • I feel like I've looked pregnant since 6 weeks. It's also my 3rd baby in in 4 years, so it's a combo of being stretched out, bloat, and being overweight.


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  • I'm due the 25th and definitely have a mini-ish bump which is probably bloating, but I've found my pants are fitting tighter and if I wear a slim fitting shirt, you can definitely tell.

    I had a slight meltdown trying on the bathing suit I bought months ago for my friend's beach wedding....ughhhh there's no way I am wearing a bikini right now! At least if I had a proper bump people would say "oh she's pregnant" not ew look at her gross stomach LOL. 

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  • I'm due the 27th and I definitely have a little bump. We went out for our 2 year wedding anniversary and I wore my favorite tight black dress. I was shocked! It looks like a gut to anyone that doesn't know though! Can't wait till it's a real baby bump.

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  • I am 9 weeks and 1 day and I am all bloat. If I wear a tight shirt it looks like a bump, but I know it's just a pretend one for now :)


  • I'm almost 11 weeks and have a bump...haven't gained much more than a couple lbs but I am def starting to show and needing my bellaband all the time now to wear my pre-preggo jeans. I'm only a size 2 though so having even just this little bump is noticeable on me. 
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    I do, but it's my 3rd pg and it's still mostly bloat.

    I really just noticed it last night, but it's my 3rd and I think it's still just bloat.

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  • Whether its bump or bloat.... I'm still "showing". My stomach is way bigger than it was before I was preggers and people are pointing it out. It's obvious I'm pregnant (if u know me) a stranger might just think I have a little extra cushion in that area. 
  • bloat.bloat.bloat.bloat.

    i don't mean to sound snarky, but you need to do your research. your uterus won't even be high enough to "show" until 12 weeks at EARLIEST depending on how small you were to begin with. 

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  • At 5 weeks, coworkers started rumours about me. This is my second pregnancy, first was m/c. At approx. 7 weeks I started showing and week 8 I had to get maternity sweaters and shirts because my shirts were becoming too short. I have lost weight since pre-pregnancy but clothes are tight. I don't need new pants yet, but I have been using a hair tie to fasten the button on my jeans.
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