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A/S complete...I don't know how I feel

So I'm kind of mixed with my feeling on my a/s.  We have a soft marker and will be going back to see LO in 3 weeks to make sure everything is good.  The tech couldn't get the baby to turn around to get a good shot.  She even had me shake it up to get the baby to turn so we could determine the sex.  This was the I'm not feeling so great about this scan part.

On the positive side...we did find out the sex of LO!  We are team Pink AGAIN!  DH is seriously considering getting a male dog to help him semi even out the testosterone to estrogen levels that will be in this house.  We came straight home, because DD needed to eat and nap.  I will be taking reveal pics later...keep your eyes peeled for those!

Re: A/S complete...I don't know how I feel

  • So Sorry!  I know how you feel mine was sort of the same way.  Our tech couldn't see the baby's face & there was a problem with the kidneys and worst part was - the DR was foreign and I couldn't understand everything he was saying.  


    Congrats on team PINK! :)   Your little story about your DH considering a male dog is so funny because thats kind of how my life is except opposite - we have three male animals so I am surrounded by males so excited to be having a girl.


  • Oh, I'm sorry the a/s was stressful!  Our LO was pretty contentedly snoozing during our a/s too.  I had to roll from side to side and then the tech bounced the u/s wand up and down on my belly for a bit before we could see everything she needed.

    My poor DH will be outnumbered by girls as well.  We have a female dog too!  Our rental agreement only allows 1 dog, so he's doomed. :)

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