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BLW - utensils and dishes?

LO is 10 months and we've been using BLW methods since 6 months. She is really good at feeding herself with her fingers (when she's actually interested in food, but that's a whole other post, haha). But, we only give her pieces of whole foods on her high chair tray. Once in a while I try yogurt, where I load the spoon and hand it to her, but she just flings it around. She isn't keen on me feeding her, either (can't blame her -- that's why we chose BLW in the first place), so she doesn't really get any soft, liquidy foods. On a similar note, if I put her food on a plate or a dish, it's just a fast track for the whole meal to end up on the floor. At least if the food is on a high chair tray, she has to throw them off one piece at a time.

When did you start incorporating plates/dishes and utensils into the feeding routine? Do I just need to plan for a huge mess and let her go to it? Just hand her the yogurt container and spoon and see what she does? I just cringe at the thought of cleaning yogurt off the ceiling fan again....


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Re: BLW - utensils and dishes?

  • You can start at any time you are ready. Baby will let you know if he likes it or not. DS has always had access to a spoon--even before we started food. Same thing with a cup--we do a tiny juice glass or water (that he has to ask for, otherwise he still will just play in it rather than save it for drinking). We alternate if he gets a plate or not. Sometimes he likes it, sometime he doesn't. We have one bamboo bowl, but mostly we just give him small, normal dishes (salad plate, ramekin, etc.) Real dishes are heavier and less easy to toss and they require parents to be vigilant in watching kiddo and teach kiddo to be careful, so we think that it actually helps his table manners grow more quickly.

    With yogurt, we started by putting the bowl in front of baby and then offering a loaded spoon or letting him use his hands. He could also try to dip the spoon himself, but that skill takes awhile. But, the sooner you start, the sooner baby can learn it. It still is messy in tems of him (he'll touch his hair with yogurt-hand), but we haven't had too many across-the-room splatters.

  • Greek or strained yogurt is nice and thick, or mashing up a banana or avocado into yogurt to get it thicker works, too. I think I just give them the spoon pre-loaded until they get that down. I think maybe we started giving DS2 the bowl when he started complaining about not having it - maybe around 12 months? (and frankly, he still enjoys throwing bowls and plates off his tray, siiiigh).

    Hummus is good for self-feeding, and mashing up eggs - if you only want to feed her yolks right now, mash it with a ton of olive oil and butter so it's not dusty! It's still messy, but not as bad with thicker foods. hth

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  • I have a plate bowl set that I received with DS and now use with DD that has a suction on the bottom so it sticks to the tray and can't be pulled off.  Now there is still the spoon flinging and throwing you may have to deal with, but at least the whole meal won't be on the floor all at once.
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