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Movement :-)

So I'm a FTM and I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow and haven't felt movement at least not that I could distinguish, but tonight after my husband and I ate dinner we were talking and all of a sudden I started feeling the baby much that my husband could feel it too!!! Totally brought tears to my eyes...I'm so excited :-) Hope everyone is having a good day!

Re: Movement :-)

  • Wow, that's crazy that the first time you felt it you could feel from the outside. So exciting!


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  • Best feeling ever!  Enjoy :)
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  • That's so awesome! And I'm super-impressed that the first inside movement you felt came with outside movement also! I THINK I started feeling flutters and such around 17 or 18 weeks... I'm still trying to decide if I finally felt outside movement for the first time last night or if I was just imagining it. But I was definitely feeling movement on the inside while I was lying down to sleep, and when I put my hand there, I'm pretty sure I felt a decent-sized jab to my hand. Hoping I'm not imagining things! Congratulations on your special moment!
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  • Yay for feeling movement and that your H could feel it too!  That's awesome!
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  • That's fantastic!  Best feeling in the world.  :)
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