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Update: Back from hospital....

So, I go in to try to get a fetal pole after. The triage nurse takes me back and the first thing she says is: "You know it is impossible to even feel the baby this early, right?" Me: This isn't my 1st pg, and I have felt the baby since week 14. I know what a kick feels like. Her: No you didn't. It isn't possible. (and then she rolls her eyes at me)Me:   This.isn'   Thank.You. (and I roll my eyes back at her) So the snarky hag brings in another nurse and she tries for about 6-7 minutes to find the baby's hb. She can't find it. I am laying there, thinking the baby has died, DH is out of town and I have to go through this all over again... alone...  It was a terrible! After what felt like an eternity, she gives up and brings in the u/s machine. Immediately, we see the baby kicking around, swaying it's hips with a great looking hb.It took all I had in me to not cry in front of the Haggardly McHaggerson- but since I did that as I drove myself to the hospital - I didn't.So at the end of the day, the baby is fine and growing. I on the other hand, am exhausted! It is amazing how emotions can knock the wind out of you....  I am glad I went - but with the exception of seeing the baby (which is so damn cute!) it was hellish. 

Re: Update: Back from hospital....

  • So glad baby is okay! Sorry about the hags and your scare, though :(
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  • First let me say I am so glad everything is okay !


    Second that beeotch nurse would have made me want to choke her and I would Definitley complain about her !  

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  • SOoo so glad everything is okay!

    You should report that jackhole of a nurse! What terrible bedside manner! And she clearly doesn't know what she is talking about re: kicks.

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  • so glad to hear everything turned out to be great!

    and if I had that nurse, I would really have to restrain myself from slapping her. Repeatedly.  

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  • Oh thank goodness!! Cooter punch for Hags at the hospital. Glad your baby is ok :) And glad you went, better safe than sorry!
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  • Gosh, I know how scary those minutes of waiting can be!  This same thing happened to me, but with a different outcome.  SO glad your baby is still doing great in there!  Hugs!!
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  • SO relieved that your LO is fine, Roxy. Women like the hags should not be allowed to work with pregnant women. Jerks. 
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  • Glad everything is okay with your little one!
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  • #1 - Thank goodness everything is ok!!!!

    #2 - I would complain about that friggin nurse... she has no idea what is possible or impossible for people to feel or not feel when they are pregnant.

    #3 - I would have had to make some sort of crappy comment, after seeing my baby just fine and healthy, like "you know what IS impossible, for you to be able to handle doing an appointment while being a nice human being"

    So do you think they will do more or be happy with what they saw on the u/s?  Was your placenta in the way or anything?  I rarely feel baby move, because my placenta is in the way....

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  • So glad that everything is okay.  I've been refreshing my Bump all afternoon trying to see if you had updated.  

    And, that biotch obviously needs to go back to school...I'm a FTM and I've felt kicks from the inside since 17w and from the outside since 18w.   What a dumbass....  Rub that belly and give that little one some loves from all of us! 

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  • I'm so happy to hear your LO is doing well!  I don't understand how insensitive hospital staff can be sometimes.  Of course it's possible to feel a baby earlier than the textbooks say you might!  What an idiot.
  • Glad everything is OK! 
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  • Well, firstly, HOORAY! Healthy baby! :o)

    Now, I hope you have a therapist to help you deal with that mess of a nurse and her manners along with the stress of the situation before she opened her trap.


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  • Ugh that's so annoying she said you couldn't feel the baby, that it was impossible. It's definitely NOT impossible.

    Glad you and LO are ok. :)

  • Oh my goodness.  I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that.  But, I am so happy that things are A-OK!  Try and get some rest and don't give those ridiculous nurses another thought.  They are just completely ignorant.
  • I am SO happy that all is well with baby.  I am almost crying reading this because, well just because of all you have been through.  Sorry you had to deal with a bitchy nurse on top of everything else.  
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  • I'm so glad everything is okay & I think I would complain about that nurse. All she had to do was take the second to look at your chart to know why you were feeling the way you were. Ugh where is the customer service?
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  • Thank god everything is wonderful. Sorry you had to go through that though.

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  • YAY! So happy for you.

    WTF was up with the nurse? It's pretty common to be able to feel the baby at 17 1/2 weeks, haha. 

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  • Aww, you poor thing!  So glad baby is okay in there mama, but I'm sorry you had to go through that alone :(  That nurse is a complete moron.

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  • Glad all is well!
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  • Whoa, I replied to the first thread before this one.  Glad everything is ok.  And that nurse was a total grouch.  Sorry :-(
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  • So glad your baby is doing ok and you got to see the baby today too!
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  • Great news! Do you have a home Doppler? May help so that you don't need to go into l+d each time you don't feel the baby move. 

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  • Sorry to hear about that terrible nurse, but I'm so glad your LO is doing well!
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  • So happy baby is doing good! Stupid nurse.
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  • I'm so glad your LO is well!  I can't imagine how scary that must have been!

    That nurse seriously needs to be reported.  If you have a therapist, I wonder if s/he could write a letter as well, detailing how crucial it is for nurses to have, well, basic interpersonal skills.

     This sounds like something you'd read on completely ridiculous! 

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  • I'm so glad everything is okay! Can I ask which hospital this was at? We live near each other, and I'd like to know. 
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  • I'm glad the baby is doing great. I'm sorry she was a shrew. 
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  • I'm sorry they sucked at life, but SO glad everything is ok!  
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  • hmp1hmp1 member
    Thanks for the update. Glad the little one is doing well.

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  • Sorry you had to deal with that hag. It always surprises me how clueless some nurses can be. Happy to hear that all is well with the baby.

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  • Sorry that you had such an awful nurse to deal with. But, I am glad your LO is ok!

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  • Woooow! What a bia bia! Yes you can feel the baby move that early! Especially when it's your second. This is our first and even I know that. Has she ever read a baby book? Has she ever had a baby? Not to mention my DOCTOR is the one who told me when we should start to feel flutters and then the little kicks inside and outside. She's a freaking nut. Yes, every woman is different, but come on now! We had a horrible ultrasound technician (the same woman both times) and the first ultrasound my husband and I were so excited we gave eachother a little kiss. I mean, we are in love, married, and happy... um, what's wrong with that. She told us we were making her uncomfortable. I assure you it was a quick peck and we were holding hands. Really? Really? Hahahaha! Then when we went for the exam with the doctor right afterwards the doctors nurse was like oh no, your technician was blah blah and we were like yyyyeeeeaaah she was like she's a witch who needs to get laid! lol! ...that explains a lot.
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