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Hi, please recommend your favorite carriers for newborns and beyond. I am due in 2 weeks and someone bought me the bjorn.... however, I keep reading it is bad for the hips etc. so I am thinking of returning it and getting something else. Please recommend... also if its not too tough to wrap properly that is a huge plus for me as I have been known to be marginally spatially challenged, lol. Thanks so much

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  • I like (and my little guy liked) both the Moby and a ring sling. Both are relatively easy to use. The Moby seems more difficult than it really is and if you use a ring sling the videos on YouTube are very helpful, the instructions that come with some of them are not as helpful. 
  • I loved my Moby but it does have a little bit of a learning curve. For this baby I'm going with a Babyhawk Mei Tai. Costs more but is more user friendly I think =) Definetely return the bjorn.
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  • Does anyone have recommendations for Twin Wearing?  I have heard a ring sling or Moby and an Ergo on the back...just looking for other suggestions.  I have also seen the Moby used to hold both twins when they are very little.
  • I logged on to ask this same question.  I used the Moby with my first but found it to be too cumbersome and too hot.  The fabric is really thick and because my son is expected in August, I don't think we'll be going the Moby route. 
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