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How's stuff going?

 QOTD: What is the thing your partner or kids do that can always make you smile? 

Same sex couple TTC with donor sperm.  I am 35 and carrying.  Endometriosis and DOR.
AMH 0.5, AFC 5-8, FSH 7ish

IVF #1 - antagonist.  Empty follicle syndrome.  1 retrieved, 0 fertilized.
IVF #2 - antagonist.  Ovulated early.  3 retrieved, 2 fertilized, 0 blasts


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    TTC: First TWW.  C is convinced if she were pregnant she would feel something, and thus is monitoring her body's every tiny variance.  Also, judging from how she's been with OPKs, she's going to be a POAS enthusiast.  We're trying to wait to 13 DPO, but we'll see.

    QOTD: C is a scientist, and it always makes me laugh when she decides something is true on a total whim and then insists that MUST be the case, because it's so the opposite of being a scientist.  The latest is she decided our cat could unlatch the food bin, despite it being a task that very clearly requires opposable thumbs.  So of course we needed several days of observation to conclude that the cat could not, in fact, open the food bin. :)

    Same sex couple TTC with donor sperm.  I am 35 and carrying.  Endometriosis and DOR.
    AMH 0.5, AFC 5-8, FSH 7ish

    IVF #1 - antagonist.  Empty follicle syndrome.  1 retrieved, 0 fertilized.
    IVF #2 - antagonist.  Ovulated early.  3 retrieved, 2 fertilized, 0 blasts
  • TTC: First TWW also (good luck hike!). I am a completely irrational, illogical lunatic. I had calmed down a little when I was convinced that I wasn't up the duff, but now I'm back to being a nutter :D

    QOTD: My partner is quite 'tough'. She works in a male dominated environment and holds her own well. It always makes me smile when her soft side comes out. I tease her (privately) about it and she gets indignant, in a childlike way, lip out, arms crossed. Incredibly cute. She also makes me smile when she turns up with a single long stemmed rose and two boxes of pregnancy tests, because I used them all up (probably far too early) :) 

    IUI #1 - 10 April 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #2 - 05 May 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #3 - 05 July 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #4 - 30 August 2012 medicated and monitoredLetrozole and Ovidrel Trigger 
    IUI #5 - 27 September 2012 Letrozole 
    BFP! 9 October 2012 Betas:- 12DPO 16; 16DPO 96; 18DPO 315

    Baby Alarico born on 28 June 2013!!

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  • PCP/TTC-  DW is going to have a couple tests at RE in May to see if we can maybe get our IUIs covered.  The insurance decided to cover the injectable meds so in theroy you would think they would cover the procedure the meds are indicating.  Fingers crossed and we may just decide to petition them.

    QOTD- We don't have kids yet but there are little things on a daily basis that my amazing wife does to make me smile.  When she forgets something after running down the stairs from our second floor apt to meet me in the car she does this little spazy dance of cussing in her head and flailing her arms around.  I laugh every time and sing the "forgetful lucy" song from 50 First Dates in my head.  She does this at least once a week.  My other favorite is when she all the sudden gets playful and wants to wrestle.  She does so while she gets a couple of playful pokes and pinches in on me but the minute I play back she turns into a whiny 4 year old and goes I dont want to play anymore.

    Thank you so much for that QOTD...I am having an AWFUL week and end of semseter (it has even involved A LOT of tears) and thinking of all the little things my wife does that makes me smile just cheered me up significantly

    We had three BFN in the Fall of 2011. It is back on to some baby making come June. Swim little fellas, SWIM!!!!
  • ATP: Ky is finally over her yuckies only to discover the top two canine teeth have finally began poking their way through. Awesome going from up all night with a fever to up all night with new teeth. I wish I liked coffee more...

    TTC: I really have no idea where we are with that. Ann has been kind of evasive on the whole thing lately...AF is due this weekend and still no +OPK.

    QOTD: Ky is so cute about kisses. She will come up to you saying "kyiss, kyiss (she puts a weird y sound in the word)" and give you one just whenever. Then she goes over to the other parent and does the same. This will repeat about 5 or 6 times before she goes back to playing. Sometimes she does not even say anything and jsut randomly comes up and kisses whichever body part she is closest to.

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  • L has been gone since Sunday morning and I love how much easier it is to be solo now that they are older. Sure, nights are busy and hectic but I am able to get stuff done (ie. make lunches, do laundry, etc) while they are still awake and don't have to wait until everyone is asleep to start prepping for the next day. Ahh...

    We are working on the difference between "teasing" and "lying." (ie. "Please go to the bathroom before you get in bed." "I did." "Are you sure?" "Yep." "Well, I've been in the bathroom and didn't see you come in." "Uh...I was teasing you.") LOL.

     QOTD: L reads Harry Potter to the kids almost every night before bed. She does all of these great voices and inflections and the kids love it. It makes me smile because she and the kids have a mutual love of all things HP - but it also drives me nutty because it gets the kids riled up before bed. :)

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  • TTC: Still in the TWW club, too (baby dust, ladies!)  Hlke, like C I'm going a little nuts overanalyzing every little twinge of my body.  I broke down and tested today, at 11 dpo, with a BFN.  But no sign of AF though, so I'm still holding out a little hope...

    QOTD:  K has "cute" down to a science!  She is so good at being adorable--especially when she's trying to get me to smile. It works every time!  (Yeah, I've got it bad, LOL!)

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  • We have spoken with several lawyers over the last couple of weeks regarding surrogacy laws (or, more appropriately, lack thereof) in OK and NY. It seems like our best option is to have MH sign the birth certificate and then I'll do a step parent adoption. Of course all of that is totally dependent on our surro getting pregnant ;-)

    Her first consultation with the RE in OK is on May 10th, so we'll know more then about what the plan is!

    QOTD: One of the reasons I married MH is because he is so good at making me laugh...but one of the things that gets me every time is when he breaks out into random songs that he makes up :-)

    IUI #1 (50 mg clomid and ovidrel) - BFN
    IUI #2 (100 mg clomid and HCG trigger) - BFN
    IUI #3 (Gonal-f and HCG trigger) - BFN
    IVF #1 - 21 retrieved, 20 mature, 15 fertilized (ICSI), 2 d5 blasts transferred, 8 frozen - c/p
    FET #1 - BFFN
    FET #2 - BFN? c/p? Either way no baby
    FET #3 - No shock...BFN
    FET #4 - BFN :-(
    Surgery and TTC cancelled - pursuing surrogacy
    7/31/12 Surrogate got a +HPT!!!! BabyFruit Ticker
  • TTC: I think we finally picked a donor.  Well, I thought that last week, and then we had a change of heart regarding his medical history, so we picked a different one...but I think this time we're sticking with it.  I'm going to wait another week or two before we order anything, just in case we change our minds again.  I am pretty sure I'm ovulating right about now, so we have close to a month before we'll be getting back on the TTC train.  I'm SO impatient, but I'm enjoying certain things about being "off duty," like not worrying as much about what I'm eating and drinking.  We're going on a date on Friday to a restaurant I've really wanted to try and I'm excited that I can drink booze AND eat charcuterie and raw stuff.  We're trying to make this month fun and relaxing.  I just home from a facial, and I feel like a bazillion bucks.

    QOTD: My cat is an indoor cat, but of course she is obsessed with The Outside.  She spends as much time as possible watching CatTV (the windows) and likes to lurk by the doors so she can sneak past us and get out (like most cats, I imagine).  My wife feels bad for her, but I've told her she is NOT allowed to let the cat out, so she picks the cat up and brings her outside and walks around with her so the cat can have "Outside Time" without being in danger of getting hit by a car or eaten or running away.  It's awfully cute.  The cat is baggage from a previous relationship of mine (I've had her for 12 years) and when we started dating I wasn't sure if my wife would warm to her (cat is not particularly friendly, wife is a dog person), but she's obsessed.  Incidentally, her first effort to give the cat "Outside Time" involved a leash.  The cat bit her, she had to be in the hospital overnight for IV antibiotics, and she STILL loves the cat.

    Married my wife 8/2007 ~ TTC #1 since 7/2011
    9 IUIs = 9 BFNs
    IVF October 2012: 22 eggs retrieved, 17 fertilized, 5 frozen
    ET #1: 1 blast = BFP; Blighted ovum discovered at 7w5d; D&E
    FET #1: 1 blast = BFP; Missed m/c discovered at 9w5d; D&E
    Karyotyping: normal ~ RPL Testing: normal ~ Hysteroscopy: normal
    FET #2: 1 blast transferred 10/25; BFP 10/31!
    EDD 7/13/14 ~ Induced at 37w4d due to pre-eclampsia ~ Born on 6/28/14
    *Everyone welcome*

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  • TTC: Just got a positive test! So excited! I'm on a business trip, so I'm not even home with the wife. Ive had like every early preg symptom, so i would have been shocked if it was negative. We're due in the first week of January as longs as everything sticks. ;)


    QOTD: I'm so lucky. My wife make me smile all the time. She has been texting me over the last few days with such lovey messages while I've been away. We now have something to celebrate on Saturday when I get home. 

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  • I told the girls mom yesterday that we are being considered for the adoptive family if the case goes that way (she still thinks they might give her another chance), she breathed a sigh of relief and said that she wasn't going to fight if the girls stay with us.  She asked if she can still visit the girls if we adopt them, if you've read my blog recently you'll know I was hoping to avoid this, I put it off and told her that I had to speak with my wife about it.  I will probably be telling her next week that we should wait and see how the hearing goes in August before we make any decisions, I am such a coward.

    On to less cowardly news...

    Owl is making a lot of progress lately, she is learning to pull her pants up and down and pull her shirt off her head, there is a bit of fussing involved but we are far from the screaming, fit throwing baby that came to us.  She is very affectionate with me and is now playing without any prompting.

    Apple is growing so fast, she is content to sit and play with toys for a bit as long as she can see me.  She still isn't rolling over but otherwise is doing fine.

    A is doing well, still talking back but overall a great kid.

    Iz is being Iz, her behavior has been lovely lately, we just need to work on her coming to me instead of A when she wants things.

    Our homestudy has been submitted to 2 different states for consideration of 3 different boys, we are already out for 2 of them, they are just months too old to share a room with Owl.  I'm in no rush, I'm happy with the way we are right now and eventually want to add 2 boys, it will happen when it's supposed to.

    QOTD: The kids make me smile when they put on shows for me, usually dance shows that involve Bollywood type moves.  

    J doesn't realize how big of a baby she is when she doesn't feel well, she is so tough the rest of the time that her whining makes me smile. 

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