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Very bad timing

Last night we took DS to the ER. Turns out he has a mild case of pneumonia. Poor little guy is miserable. So I am now torn between desperatly wanting to go into labor and not wanting to at all. Tomorrow I was suppose to have my membranes swept. I'll be 38w 4d. We all know the time restraints on VBAC's, so it just sucks that he is sick right now. I had three different people willing to take him if I went into labor before my parents arrived, but all have small kids, so not an option anymore. Ugh. This is awful timing. I just don't know that I want to do things to help me progress when DS needs me at home. Thanks for letting me vent.

Re: Very bad timing

  • That is bad timing.  Any way you could move your appointment to Friday?  That way you'd have a couple of days to get him a little better.  Kids usually get better so quickly. 
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  • My ob's office is closed Friday. She is in a solo practice and is at the hospital on Friday. I think I am going to schedule my 39 week appointment for early in the week. The pediatrician thought he would be better by Friday, but I have to give him breathing treatments until Saturday. I don't want to turn those over to someone else, since he doesn't really care for them and they have to be given at night as well. Thanks for the advice! 
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  • Good luck momma and my prayers are with you.  I know that has to be rough, but I hope it all works out.  
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