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Garage Sale Pricing

I have a bunch of 0-24m jeans,pants, and sleepers, all in really good condition, no stains, etc.  I was thinking about putting them out with a sign, that said, $1.00 ea, but maybe that's too much for a garage sale.  Most are Target, Old Navy brand, etc. for jeans, and Target, Carter's for the sleepers/crawlers.  Would 50 or 75 cents be better?  I don't go to many garage sales.  Also, if they don't sell, I'm just going to take them to Stuff to sell, my cousin said clothes there sell like crazy, that's why I'm not too worried about having leftovers.  

What's the general rule of thumb for those of you that have or go to lots of garage sales??

Re: Garage Sale Pricing

  • I should also add that I tried to price things for what I would pay for them at a garage sale.  I've gone and paid $2 for a child's sweater, and would pay $1 for a nice pair of pants, just didn't know if that was the norm.
  • The best advice for yard sales is not to price anything, let them make you an offer and tell them to bundle things- like 3 shirts for  $2.  Its the best way to operate and you get rid of a lot!! GL
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    I go to many garage sales. From the brands you mention, I would price them at a dollar. Start there, and be willing to negotiate with people. Good luck!
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  • Thanks ladies.  I'll try it and see how it goes.  I tried to be more lenient on other stuff like 6 bibs for 0.75, or 6 onesies for $1.00, we'll see. 
  • When is the sale....I think I'll buy some. I would have offered 2 dollars for "like-new" condition. Hope the weather holds out for the sale.
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