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What kind of plate, utensils and cup does your preschooler use at home?

Ds typically eats on a plastic divided character plate of some kind, used a small glass or plastic cup and uses the Gerber utensils. Yours?

Re: What kind of plate, utensils and cup does your preschooler use at home?

  • DD is 3.5 and uses all of our regular dishes (plates, bowls, forks, spoons).  She does still use plastic cups most of the time (open cups), but sometimes will use a regular juice glass or something (one of the smaller ones).  Every now and then she asks for the Gerber spoons, but usually she'll just grab the regular silverware (she likes to set the silverware out on the table).  She's a very neat eater and we've never had a problem with this set up.  
  • Depending on what she is eating she uses either divided or regular kid plates. She has the Gerber silverware the kind with reg metal teeth and a rubberized handle. Regular cups. No glass just because it helps if she drops it. She wont hurt her foot. Or break it for that matter. Occasionally she will use the reg silverware but that is a rarity.

    Oh...my daughter is 4 going on 5 in June. 


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  • During the day, he grabs his "kid dishes" from the cabinet. For dinner, he uses regular dishes. He gets a plastic cup from the cabinet in the morning and uses that for the rest of the day (except at school where he has to use his water bottle). Silverware is the same as we use. I only use the baby size ones for DS2. 
  • DS insists on using regular plates and utensils. He still uses a plastic cup though. Dd has started refusing to use the little Gerber utensils now too, so we might be done with them. She still uses kid plates and sippy cups.
  • She usually uses kid plates - some are divided, some not. Adult utensils. Plastic kid cups, but only because we only have very large, heavy, tall glasses.
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  • DD usually uses a plastic divided plate or a plastic normal sized plate depending on the meal.  Sometimes I use plastic bowls and other time normal ones.  She uses normal utensils.  She usually drinks out of a cup with straw or sports bottle.  She will drink out of small plastic cups if she has to, but she prefers having a straw.
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  • Regular spoons and forks. She likes to use her "zoo cups," which have lids with a small hole to sip out of, but is perfectly fine with a regular cup. We prefer to have her use plastic cups, but she can handle glass. 

    We use melamine plates, usually divided -- but I'm starting to transition to non-divided plates and using them more often. 


    DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
  • for cups, we actually use the small cups for our toy kitchen, or sippy cups.

    for plates, we usually use paper plates for them.  If they are eating something dry like a sandwich, we will reuse the plate for something else. 


  • We just moved on to regular adult dishes recently (since moving to France 3 months ago), but I still give her a plastic cup. I feel like the tall glass ones are too heavy.
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  • DS is almost 5 and still uses the gerber utensils, metal prongs.  He can use regular size but smaller size is easier for him.  He's on the small side.  He uses regular plastic plates (our patio plates) and plastic cups.  After meals he clears his own plate, cup etc and although there's been few drops, they occassionally happen.
  • Our DD uses our plates, but we give her the desert plates and a desert fork since they are smaller and easier to handle.  But she uses our glasses for drinks
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  • KL777KL777 member

    Regular plate and bowl.  About two months ago he asked for a regular fork (I was giving him the Gerber toddler forks). 

    I always seem to be a little behind however on progression ;-)  For instance, I bathed DS in the baby tub for the longest where DH bathed him in the regular tub at the proper time.  And, I didn't convert him from a high chair to a booster seat until he was big enough to get into his own high chair by himself, LOL---big clue, huh!

    The cups however are different, he typically drinks out of a shorter plastic cup or his travel cup with a lid.

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  • she uses the gerber toddler fork and spoons and a plastic kid's plate and lidless plastic cups.

    She will occassionally use a regular plate and a small regular fork or spoon.  Honestly, as much as she bangs stuff at the table, I don't think I could bear to here use a regular stoneware plate.

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  • At dinnertime she eats off a regular size plate with regular silverware and a kid size cup(easier for her to grasp).  At lunch and breakfast she eats off of what ever she wants or I put it on.  Both those meals are less formal and sometime are just fun!

  • All the boys now use our plates and utensils.  The older boys get plastic cups and DS#3 still gets a sippy (because he will play in the water if it doesn't have a lid).

    My twins are 5! My baby is 3!

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  • All of our dishes are Fiesta ware, she uses those and the same utensils that we use. She still uses plastic cups just because.

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  • My girls use the salad plates from our dishes. They also use regular forks and spoons, but I do give them the smaller dessert/salad forks from our silverware. I have plastic cups they drink out of, I don't give them glass. If they are drinking juice/water throughout the day they usually use a cup with a lid/spout. For meals they drink from an open plastic cup at the table. I stopped using the toddler silveware when they were about 3 because they couldn't really pick up their food on their own to eat very well and would become frustrated easily.
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