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Thinking about a woven

I love my stretchy wrap and I think DD really likes it more than my mei tai (for now...we just need more time with it), but she is now 17lbs and it sags so much. So I think I am brave enough to tackle the woven. I live in TX so after reading some of your suggestions, I am looking at the vatanais. My question is what size should I get? I don't want a huge long wrap, but I am about a size 12 (still working on losing the baby weight) and want to be able to do a FWCC in addition to back carries.

Also, What is the difference between a FWCC and a pocket wrap cross carry? I have seen pictures so I know the difference in how you wrap. But is there any difference in how it supports or carries LO? TIA!!

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Re: Thinking about a woven

  • I switched from a stretchy to a woven at about 17 lbs too. ;) 

    There is a great chart on TBW that gives the lengths of wraps for each carry and also talks a bit about the size of the person.

    I love my wovens - and ended up getting a few different sizes.  I used my long one for a long time when LO was still under a year. Now I use shorties when I wrap. I have a 3 and 4, but use the 3 more.  

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  • Thanks! I was figuring a 4, but not sure. It was actually your post about wrapping your toddler that got me looking into a woven. Now to convince DH that I need another carrier :-)


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    I had a long answer typed out, but it seems to have been swallowed by the bump. The first pic is a pwcc with a 4.6 meter (sz6) and the second is with a 3.6 m (sz 4). I had a hard time convincing DH I needed more than one wrap since I already had the MT, too... He eventually caved when we got pg with #2 for a mother's day present! Sorry the pictures aren't great. I'm around a sz 10-12 and have huge nursing boobs right now!

    ETA: pic size huge!

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  • aw, cute pics!

    I'm glad I inspired you! I truly love(d) my wraps, not only were they convenient, but they provided me and LO with such a great experience in places that may have not been so great - busy festivals, times when she was sick and wanted to be held for long periods, hikes in the woods... 

    I started out with one, and eventually got 5! Pretty much one in each size. I was lucky that DH is understanding, but he has an expensive hobby too, and honestly we don't spend much money on other things because we live out in the sticks and never go out to eat or things like that. Looking back, if I had to pick one size, I would probably go with a 4. Just long enough, but also short enough for a hip carry, which is my go to these days.

    I hope you get one!  

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  • I am assuming you are going to buy one from Granola Babies?  If so, you should email them and ask.  They are SUPER helpful and will be able to tell you right away what size to get.


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  • Yep I was looking at Granola Babies. I will give them a call thanks! I originally was thinking 4.5 but when I was on TBW FSOT board, someone was selling her Vat (4.5) because she thought it was too big. I then started thinking I might want something smaller. I can handle the length of my sleepywrap right now, but was hoping to get something a little smaller.

    I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and cannot seem to find a BWing group. The best I could find was a natural parents meetup group, but they seem to do most of their meetings during the week when I am working. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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